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FFXIV is an digital MMORPG for computer from Square Enix.The game"s servers have actually buckled as result of explosive populace growth, bring about queues.New servers space on the way, yet could be delayed by the semi-conductor shortage.

Recently, final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV because that short) is a pc MMO that has actually experienced a massive an increase in players, propelled in component by virality and the decline of competing MMORPG people of Warcraft. To that end, FFXIV has actually experienced a ton of server congestion problems, with North American and European worlds experiencing log-in queues and also character production restrictions. In attempts to stabilize the server influx, Square Enix even temporarily removed FFXIV from sale, given the game"s explosive growth.

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What is Square Enix doing around the problems, though? In a current post, Naoki Yoshida shared an update on just how it to plan to range FFXIV moving forward.

Greetings final FANTASY XIV players! This is her producer & director, Naoki Yoshida.

First and also foremost, ns would favor to prolong my thanks to all of you for your continued support!

Development on ours latest expansion pack Endwalker continues as we emphasis on implementing content and transitioning come the check and also polish phase. Expectations because that 6.0 are high and also have resulted in an boosted interest in last FANTASY XIV—especially in north America and also Europe, where we are right now experiencing severe influx of brand-new players.

In the post, Yoshida-san note that regardless of recent upgrades to the phibìc American servers, they"ve currently once again struggle capacity. The european servers room yet to receive similar upgrades and also may suffer from much more issues as a result. The team at Square Enix is functioning to optimize server populaces with short-term measures, such together forcing logouts for people idling because that 30 minute or more. Those who very own the video game will be prioritized because that queues, end those using FFXIV"s generous complimentary trial.

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Source: Square Enix

Yoshida-san notes that the ultimate equipment is increasing data centers, and that"s specifically what the studio intends to carry out ahead of the release of the next big expansion, FFXIV Endwalker, i beg your pardon drops in November. Square Enix intends to add a brand-new data center devoted to Oceania, too as new servers for existing regions. However, the team notes that the continuous semiconductor shortage and also covid-19 travel constraints have created logistical issues delaying the salvation of new data centers.

The detail and transparency available by Naoki Yoshida ~ above the topic space refreshing, return it"s yet an additional reminder that concerns from the pandemic concerning tech and also demand for digital services proceed to frustrate growth.

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Endwalker autumn on November 23, 2021, and also expands the video game with brand-new bosses, classes, mini-games, wrapped in a big new storyline.