Causes and Costs -Alphinaud desires to speak v me - as a friend, fairly than as the Warrior of light or a other Scion. -He’s thinking about all the deaths, every the sacrifices. What have they been for? His old prize (“For the future that Eorzea!”) no longer satisfies.

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“I do not want to it is in a guy who sacrifices his friends and also family because that a cause. I desire to fight for Estinien – and also I want to save him.” -Aymeric and the Ishgardians would certainly kill Estinien!Nidhogg without hesitation. Alphinaud doesn’t desire to. -Oh boy. I understand this is an MMO and my an option won’t likely influence what come next, however still. I’m presented through a choice. I can either respond the we’ll conserve him, the we’ll assist those in need, or “…” i legit don’t know. Like… I desire to aid him! ns do! but If the moment pertained to either death Nidhoggstinien or talk to that and shot to conserve him, I’d death him. How many other precious people would ns be sacrificing just cause I understand this one guy? -Still, i go with: “We will discover a means to conserve him.” I’d probably say that just to comfort Alphinaud. And also if the moment presents chin to save Estinien? Sure, why not. -Later, we view Krile speaking through Y’shtola about the shock that Estinien’s transformation.

and also the price of sacrifice for “the fact at the love of this world.” -The Warrior the Darkness watches them native afar. -Narration shows up over scene of Aymeric. How readjust will wash over the civilization at a heavy price. -AH! The omniscient narrator this entirety expansion was counting Edmond de Fortemps, indigenous a book he wrote called “The Gears that Change.” -Scene adjust to Yda and Papalymo.

Still plotting something, somewhere. -Scene readjust to an unseen human picking increase a mask the looks favor Vega’s native Street Fighter II.

virtually no clue that it can be. Who a little bit bulky that looked like, but that could’ve simply been the clothes.
--- The guy Within -Something around Nidhogg’s appearance together Estinien provides Alphinaud think Estinien can still be saved. -Krile and Y’shtola sensed few of Estinien staying there. A bare map of his aura. -I problem that Alphinaud will perform something foolish and also drastic to shot saving Estinien, and that he’s gonna it is in the sacrifice we’re listening about.
--- An ally for Ishgard -Aymeric issues that even with our complete forces, we won’t have the ability to fight a Nidhogg through two eyes. The wants us to recruit an same opposition: Hraesvelgr. -Whew. Large ask. No possibility he would’ve joined us before. Is Nidhogg assaulting Vidofnir enough? -Aymeric, Alphinaud and also I will certainly go make the ask. Lucia will remain behind come guard Ishgard. -We’ll an initial go check out Vidofnir, to check on she recovery and get her advice.

-She herself is act okay. No worries around her death. However she doesn’t think Hraesvelgr will join. -Something about our foolish hope reminds she of a article from long ago. I’m certain I’ll absent myself when I learn who, yet I can’t right currently remember the names of the old Ishgardians sufficient to remember i beg your pardon knight would’ve been her buddy. --- Winning over the Wyrm -Our old moogle girlfriend Moghan greets us on our trek. He cautions Chieftan Moglin come our presence. -Hraesvelgr is unreceptive. He’d be at Nidhogg’s next if that hadn’t spend Shiva’s spirit and also temper.
-And yet, he clearly knows something’s fucked increase in Nidhogg’s actions. He’s concerned a suggest where he might be ready to accept that Ishgard as a whole is atoning because that its past. -Aymeric makes specifically persuasive case: sure, we’re questioning Nidhogg to go against his kin, but that’s what Aymeric himself did. He had us slay his father due to the fact that it was right. -Mini-Midgardsormr – Hraesvelgr’s father iirc – also appears, to counsel Hraesvelgr to shut down Nidhogg’s raging spirit.
…it works. Whew. Hraesvelgr will offer us a test. He’s sending us against a various enraged dragon spirit, the slain Ratatoskr. -The camera pans out and we check out a little moogle watching end this. He flies off to report right into his chief. I’m not certain on the details, yet the moogles will definitely play some role.
I might see united state fighting Nidhogg, losing, and then the moogles kupoing in because that a last second save.--- Sohr Khai -Sohr Khai is a collection of floating islands.
-It’s a beautiful and also sad place. A memorial to Ratatoskr, the an initial dragon killed by the Ishgardians. The different parts that the dungeon are called in memorial, like “Answer come Shame.” -Chieftan Moglin is the an initial boss. I know the moogles are allied with Hraesvelgr, therefore he have to be part of the test. This fight is comparable to good King Moggle Mog, where the an obstacle is managing the moogle adds he summons throughout. the takes our party a pair of do the efforts to acquire it. (Same through the following boss.) The greatest trick to be that once we killed some moogle adds, he’d cast a resurrect circle approximately them. We had actually to hit the corpses out of the one or else they’d come earlier stronger. -The second boss is a Pegasus kind with tricky positioning, forcing us to direct where that charges.
Poqhiraj the Pegasus. -The final boss is Hraesvelgr himself. No to kill him – we probably couldn’t - yet for the to test our resolve and also will and also skill. This fight is all around positioning. The floats around a collection of small, circular platforms.
us hop in between them ourselves, spreading out damages to the party and also killing add to while he progressively destroys the platforms. A soft enrage. -We pass his test. -GOD this final boss area is gorgeous!
The color and golden sun rays repeat me that the area where we dealt with Kefka’s final kind in FFVI.

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-Alphinaud and also Aymeric were also tested in their own method by Hraesvelgr’s brood. -WOohooo!! Hraesvelgr is top top our next now, versus Team Nidhogg. -As we rejoice in ours victory, Nidhogg roars in the distance and also takes flight. the begins. --- following time: Nidhogg attacks.