In final Fantasy online (FFXIV) once I"m in a party and type /p Hello, the chat setting does not stick to "Party", yet remains on the previous one instead. This makes my next message show up in the old channel:


I deserve to click top top the talking bubble icon to do chat pole to another channel, however I"d choose the video game to remember a channel from my previous / message. Deserve to that it is in done?

I"ve gone with the "Character Configuration" > "Log home window Setting" configuration, however haven"t found any type of such option yet.

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There is no sticky chat command... However, over there is a simple chat command to move the default conversation mode.

Send /p or /party without any chat text to switch the default chat mode to party. This also works for /say, /yell, /alliance, /freecompany and also many others.

It additionally works v /tell if you supply a player name.


Just click that speech bubble and also pick i m sorry channel you want to use, works for whatever except shout.


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