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One that my favourite restaurants is Maggiano’s.  Love the place.  There’s no a single thing I’ve eaten there that ns haven’t simply loved…especially their cheesecake.  hand down, the best cheesecake EVER!!!  however that’s not what this write-up is about.  There’s a savory food at Maggiano’s that keeps me comin’ earlier for more…the Fettuccine Alfredo through Broccoli.  OMG…uh-MAZING!  and also for some reason, no one appears to party up the flavor of the restaurant-made alfredo sauce. The save bought simply isn’t right! currently that I’ve made this recipe, I’ll never ever use the keep bought version again!  gain ready to feel choose you’re dining at Maggiano’s since I make an oath this recipe is *almost* just as good!  Enjoy!


1 pkg 24 oz. Fettuccine

1 cup butter

1 dash garlic salt

3/4 pint of hefty cream use 3/4 of the pint…hope that provides sense!

3/4 cup grated Romano cheese

1/2  cup grated Parmesan cheese

1 bag frozen broccoli, cooked

Salt & pepper to taste

Cook fettuccine according to package.  on the other hand in a huge saucepan, melt butter right into cream end high heat.  I reduced my butter right into chunks therefore it would melt much faster :)


Once the butter has actually melted evenly, include salt, pepper, and also garlic salt to taste.  progressively stir in cheese till melted come thicken the sauce.  ns went the cheap route and also got the two-in-one grated cheese using the exact same measurements. 


I’m sure the sauce would’ve to be even much better with new parmesan and romano, however y’all…this was still DANG good!!!!    as the sauce thickens, include the cooked broccoli and also stir until evenly coated.  drainpipe fettuccine and include the sauce & broccoli mix.  line well till fettuccine is coated.  offer & enjoy!


Seriously girlfriend guys…you gotta give this a try!  especially if you’re a fan of alfredo :)  I’m honestly not the biggest fan…I favor marinara…but this is certainly a enjoy the meal that will make MANY more appearances at our dinner table.  and I LOVE the broccoli addition :)  I’m a vast fan that broccoli, together weird as that sounds, and also this dish yes, really reminds me of mine Maggiano’s favorite!!!!  If you’re not a fan of small green trees, leave ‘em out and also enjoy it plain…you’ll love that no issue what!