are afraid The go Dead: 10 points You should Know about Proctor john Proctor John might not it is in in are afraid the wade Dead for very long but he provides a large impact. Here"s what you must know around the character.

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When The go Dead aired in 2010, it easily gained traction as a renowned series. Spanning eleven series and winning multiple awards (including a Primetime Emmy award), the series has do its note on tv history. It"s due to the fact that spawned many internet series, spin-offs, and also spoofs. One of these by-products is Fear The go Dead, a prequel (then parallel) come the collection that has because spawned 6 seasons.

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Similar come the original series, FTWD adheres to a team of personalities trying to make it through a zombie apocalypse. Castle come across many antagonists who gain in their way, consisting of criminal and gang leader, Proctor John.

Fear The wade Dead El Bazar
after the outbreak, john takes his corridor to Baja California and also they take over an abandoned bullfighting arena. Using all of the hoarded sources they have managed to collect, they rotate the abandoned building into a trade post.

Given the nickname "El Bazar" and working v a barter system, it easily attracts a big number of survivors. Because of being on the border, the caters come both American and Mexican survivors. However, the trading post additionally operates in an ext clandestine operations, such together drugs and also sex trafficking.

Fear The go Dead Motorcycle Gang
Proctor John"s involvement in the Proctors pre-dates the apocalypse. The Proctors started as a motorcycle corridor that conveniently grew so the chapters covered the size of the America-Mexico border.

The Proctors are really ruthless and also this is most noticeable with how they operation their trading enterprise, "El Bazar". In fact, they have actually a policy that, if one cannot pay your debts, they room chained come the prior of the building and also tasked with maintaining infected individuals out.

Fear The go Dead development Spine
This reality is revealed during Proctor John"s arrival to the collection in "Things poor Begun". Eddie, the resident medical professional in "El Bazar", introduce John and also Alicia. He is entering surgical treatment to have the expansion removed due to the fact that of the paralysis it is resulting in him.

In a demonstrate of his nature, john tells Alicia that, not only will she help Eddie in the surgery, but warns her that everyone in the room will be killed if the surgical procedure is unsuccessful. Luckily, the is.

7 has A couple of Kills Under His Belt

proctor john are afraid the walking dead
Proctor John has demonstrated his penchant for violence and has a couple of kills under his belt. His many notable kills space members that the Gonzalez Dam community, consisting of Efraín Morales and Lola Guerrero.

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Proctor man instructs his corridor to launch an assault on the community. In a minute of distraction, Efraín is shot and also killed. Together a result, Lola retaliates and manages to shoot members of the Proctors prior to John executes her.

despite Proctor john being a violent criminal, he has actually demonstrated that he is qualified of compassion. ~ he speak to Alicia about her link to Victor Strand, he learns that Strand assisted her family members escape, consisting of her mother, Madison, and brother, Nick.

When she asks him come spare she family, regardless of making the problem that Alicia comes through them, he does agree to spare them. That is additionally reluctant to kill Alicia after that becomes suspicious of her brother Nick.

5 Plans come Take end The Border

as his motorcycle gang"s affect grew, Proctor John"s plans to take over the border are just as ambitious. The first step in putting his arrangement into action is regaining his mobility by rudimentary surgery.

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Another action in his setup was the takeover of the Gonzalez Dam. The dam is a prime irrigation and also water source for the surrounding communities. When the Proctors phase an assault on the community there, numerous citizens are killed trying to defend it.

The season 3 finale of Fear The walking Dead have the right to be described in one word: explosive. Title "Sleigh Ride", the depicts the takeover of the Gonzalez Dam. Alicia is reunited with she mother and also brother. After many people are killed, consisting of Lola and Efraín, man becomes suspiciously of Nick and also decides come execute him.

When Nick reveals that he has actually a detonator that will certainly blow increase the dam, John and also his crew flee, and also Nick sets off the explosives. This is the last the viewers check out of the Proctors.

3 Only shows up In 2 Episodes

Not lot is known about Proctor John"s origin story or his family. What makes things an ext interesting is that he only shows up in two episodes in season 3, do him among the antagonists in the collection with the shortest amount of waiting time.

Other antagonists with relatively short display time encompass Leland, a bandit leader; Emile Laroux, a bounty hunter, and Martha, a former English teacher who goes ~ above a killing main actor after the fatality of she husband.

Proctor John"s story doesn"t obtain a definitive ending. Due to the fact that the succeeding season diverts from being a prequel to running alongside the main timeline of The go Dead, his story is never fully picked back up again.

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Although there to be rumors that his story would be choose up (or at the very least referred to) in season 4, showrunner Ian Goldberg evidenced that that would certainly not it is in the case. In an interview through Entertainment Weekly, he states that “’s not part of season 4. <...> we introduce our adversaries, the Vultures.”

1 A Leader v No Conscience

In an interview with AMC, Proctor John"s actor, beam McKinnon, delves right into the psyche and personality the his character, explicate him together "Machiavellian" and also lacking a "certain type of conscience that enables them to do decisions that other human beings couldn’t make." This description easily defines Proctor John"s ambitious nature as he works in the direction of ultimate control.

McKinnon additionally revealed his excitement at play the character from the moment he check out the script. He stated that the character was "dastardly and also delicious and an extremely bright."