When friend summon Servants indigenous time and an are in FGO, friend don’t gain them totally kitted out. Instead, friend must provide them the endure (EXP) they should ascend to higher heights. Unlike other RPG games, you need to use details items come level up her Servants.

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Select as much as 20 experience Cards.

What’s more, different class cards drop on particular days. You need to be farming for endure Cards every day already, however if you’re plan to save a little more until the pursuits change, go ahead. Here’s what friend can obtain on each day of the week:

Monday: Lancer, Assassin, BerserkerTuesday: Saber, Rider, BerserkerWednesday: Archer, Caster, BerserkerThursday: Lancer, Assassin, BerserkerFriday: Saber, Rider, BerserkerSaturday: Archer, Caster, BerserkerSunday: every classes at random

You can’t get All-Class experience Cards from the day-to-day Quests, however. You need to roll because that them in the Friend suggest Gacha instead. This worry can do leveling non-standard course Servants an ext difficult.

Even so, if you have actually a couple of extras lie around, nothing stop you indigenous using any card on any kind of Servant.

When playing with the everyday Quests, shot to take a team built to complete them as quickly as possible. The ideal teams have the right to wipe out an foe in one turn, which conserves you many of time.

Beginners looking to farm in the simpler difficulties, together they yield the best Experience Cards, have the right to make friend on FGO and use their support Servants. This Servants are qualified of handling easy objectives by themselves, making it a powerful early-game strategy.

If you have actually plenty of Saint Quartz and also Gold, Silver, or Copper Apples, you can restore part AP and keep ~ above farming. It counts on your stockpile, and if you have a certain class you great to level up quickly, you might want to compromise consuming an ext AP to obtain what friend need.

After getting access to four-star endure Cards, us recommend burning her lower-rating ones because that Mana Prisms. You deserve to use Mana Prisms because that summoning an ext Servants by trading them because that Tickets.

Other means to gain Experience Cards are:

Main Story QuestsFree QuestsEvent RewardsEvent Exchange Shops

There’s lot of of planning and also strategizing that goes right into the everyday grind. As soon as you have accessibility to more an essential Servants, completing day-to-day Quests will be a basic affair.

Sacrificing Servants

Sacrificing any unwanted Servants is also fantastic way to help five-star Servant’s level up. As a gacha game, you’ll undoubtedly achieve Servants you don’t need. You can either keep them or sacrifice them together EXP fodder.

Feeding the same class of servant to the target Servant also rewards bonus EXP. This trait mirrors the use of experience Cards as well.

The specific steps for using EXP Cards likewise let friend sacrifice Servants.

How to upgrade Servants in FGO

In FGO, upgrading your Servants is dubbed Enhancing, and leveling up is a component of it. Other methods to boost your maid are:

Noble Phantasm Enhancement

Each Servant has actually a Noble Phantasm, your weapon that choice. In FGO, a Noble Phantasm refers to a special card that lets them use their ultimate powers during battles. This powers can be destructive attacks, healing, or giving enemies an adverse statuses.

When you improve a Noble Phantasm, it becomes an ext effective in a fight. To update it, you have actually to obtain at the very least two duplicates of the same Servant. Performing this activity will result in increased damage and also overcharge effects.

Here’s just how to fuse 2 of the very same Servants:

Head come the improvement menu.Pick the Noble Phantasm you wish to upgrade.
Repeat if girlfriend have more copies.

There’s no factor to placed off Noble Phantasm Enhancement, together you can’t have actually two the the exact same Servant ~ above the battlefield.


Servants deserve to perform Ascension, which entails farming for distinct items and also spending them. However, you need to level them up prior to this is possible. Each Servant can Ascend 4 times.

Servants the Ascend have new max level caps and gain new skills. The rewards make them more effective in combat.

Ascension works by law the following:

Go come the improvement menu.Select the maid you wish to ascend.
Repeat for various other Servants if friend can.

Remember that you need an ext than materials and items, as you spend substantial amounts that QP because that Ascension. Only perform Ascension as soon as you deserve to afford it.

The materials and also items you should farm for this process come from play the story, everyday Quests, Events, and also more. It’ll take some time before you collect sufficient materials, i m sorry is why you have to aim to complete daily grinding and also earn sufficient QP come last because that a long time.

Rinse and also Repeat

The process of leveling up and also enhancing her Servants is a tedious one uneven you’re willing to fork over some money. However, there are sufficient resources to let girlfriend max the end Servants without spending a solitary cent. All you need is patience, time, and friends.

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Who is her strongest maid in FGO? carry out you think the existing leveling device is lenient? let us recognize in the comments section below.