, 10, 3, 1)Online trophies: 0Minimum number of playthroughs: 3-4Glitched trophies: NoneDoes challenge affect trophies?: No difficulty selection, besides One Life ModeDo trophies stack?: Yes, the global and JP version stack however do note that the JP release is PS4 only.Do cheat password disable trophies?: No cheat available.Additional peripherals required?: No

USEFUL LINKS:Trophies might Cry Youtube Playlist (Full video clip Walkthrough)Fallen Legion: Flames of Rebellion 100% Platinum Walkthrough (Text)Printable choice Chart for each playthrough (Direct Google Sheets Link)Printable selection Chart for each playthrough (PDF Download)


Fallen Legion: Flames that Rebellion is a side-scrolling activity game occurred by YummyYummyTummy, correctly you check out that right. It makes use of an exciting real time combo bar to land an effective deathblows and also rewards a player's timing v perfect block to render the adversary defenseless. Flames the Rebellion to be released in 2017 together its sibling fallen Legion: sins of an empire for both the PS4 and also PS Vita. Flames the Rebellion adheres to the story the Legatus Leandur together he strives to secure his nation through his army might and also the power of Exemplars. In January 2019 it was released together a cost-free game because that Playstation to add subscribers. When owning the game for one system permits you come play that on either, it is not cross-save meaning you cannot begin a video game on your Vita and also then proceed it on your PS4. I learned this the hard way when my Vita slowed under to a crawl throughout a boss fight half-way through the game and became unplayable. You have been warned! The Vita merely cannot take care of all the computer animation effects the go on throughout heavy ceo battles and also it will certainly screw up your timing top top blocks. Carry out yourself a favor and also play this on the PS4. You'll it is in happier.This game is around choices simply as lot as it is around combat. Many of the trophies space dependent on selections you do throughout each stage and while over there are plenty of roads to acquire there they are not an extremely obvious. Without a overview 9+ playthroughs would certainly not be unheard the to obtain the platinum. Thanks to those who've gone prior to us but we can get that down to 3 or 4. Ns myself walk not figure these points out however followed the Youtube video clip walkthrough developed by Trophies may Cry. I owe this Platinum come him and merely chose to consolidate the info into a layout that is faster and also easier come digest or print. If at any kind of time you want some confirmation OR would prefer to thank him because that his work, please follow the link over to his Youtube playlist.Every choice has three options:

prime Legion,
council of Princes and
march Congress, representing 3 bodies in the story with far-ranging political power. Each option additionally comes through a random "tribute" to assist you v the rest of the stage. Since choices matter, you will certainly not constantly be choosing the most valuable option based upon tribute. The said, friend are totally free to graph your own path yet if you follow the selections in the attached walkthrough exactly you will certainly unlock everything at the exact same time the I and TMC did. I have compiled all the choices into a an easy google sheet the you can print out yet it lacks the detail of the walkthrough. If you'd choose to usage it to follow (or mark your very own route) girlfriend can find it over under "Useful Links". Good hunting!


Step 1: complete the video game multiple time to unlock every trophy-related story branchesYou will need to play the game a minimum that 3 times to unlock all the choice-dependent stages, exemplars and spells that have a trophy attached to them. Most of them are attained in the an initial playthrough and on the third playthrough ~ Gauntlet Thrown is unlocked girlfriend don't must proceed any type of further.It is extremely recommended you follow my 100% Platinum Walkthrough. The will conserve you time and you will certainly still be able to experience the miscellaneous branches the story needs to offer. If not there is no guarantee what and also when you will unlock things.Following the selections exactly together in the walkthrough will reward you with the following trophies throughout this step: Styricaem's Savior political Dissonance castle Clash A Lonely Throne The Bloodstained blade The Unbreakable Guardian The Vengeful Pike The specialized Spear The Voracious Hunter The Solemn Hermit The blind Arquebus The Restless Rifle The Wild Mallet The Stout Sentinel The Volatile artillery The Taciturn Cannon Weapon grasp Aquila Alliance A Noble Sacrifice Spoils of battle Gauntlet Thrown Tricky Tree element Legion board of directors of Princes in march CongressYou are likewise likely to pop these miscellaneous trophies in this step: Teamwork Brace you yourself Monster Combo crazy Combo endowment Hunter Manticore Mauler Werewolf Tamer Summoner Dispelled decision Cracker Aurelius Annhilator Foiled Fencer It's end 9000! Sensational! 2 of a kind Three's agency Phantom Parry Don't are afraid The ReaperStep 2: finish the video game under "One Life Mode"One Life setting is selected individually from the main Menu and also is comparable to a "hardcore" setting from various other games. Yet the nice advantage to that is the all unlocked exemplars, spells and tributes are carried over right into this mode making it considerably easier the later you begin it.You have the option of combining the One Life setting step through your 3rd and final playthrough of step 1. However if you conserve it for its very own playthrough then selections do no matter and also you can pick the option that provides the most advantage in the moment.If girlfriend fail a phase your story progression in this mode will it is in wiped and you must begin again. But this danger deserve to be mitigated by close up door the game before death or with the use of a USB journey or PS+ cloud saves.

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Additional tips and also information around this playthrough have the right to be uncovered in the walkthrough.Completing this action will earn you: True EmperorStep 3: CleanupChances are very likely that by the end of action 2 you will have actually unlocked every the miscellaneous trophies. If not, start or proceed a game from the key Menu and also follow the Trophy guide or Walkthrough to achieve any missing trophies.If you don't currently have it, completing this step will earn you: Hero the the People