Courtney previously reduced things off through Isaak, a man she met online. Isaak i will not ~ let up, and also is doing whatever he can to reel Courtney earlier in. Cassidy wolf joins Nev to make certain Isaak pipeline Courtney alone because that good.

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Harold has plenty the options, yet his heart is tied increase in Armani, the mrs he"s been talk to because that the past four years, so Nev and also rapper point of view Haze set out jamesmerse.come uncover that she really is.

Daisy spent a the majority of money on presents for Marcus, the dream guy she met top top Instagram, but the red flags are adding up, for this reason she"s call on Nev and YouTuber Tyler Oakley to find him.

Nev and also actor Alex Shaffer aid Chitara uncover closure after she jamesmerse.comes the end to her family and also gets mysteriously broken up through by her digital girlfriend, Priscilla.

Felipe"s planning a future v Jasmine, an aspiring model he met online, but prior to he leaves for armed forces training, Nev and Max help him i found it if she"s really the one.

Whitney lives throughout the nation from Bre, who has refused to video chat because that the past 4 years, therefore Nev and Max step in jamesmerse.come facilitate a meeting.
Jamey join an virtual dating site and also met Ari, a mrs he speak to ~ above the phone because that hours yet who has a an enig she"s only willing to reveal on Catfish.
After Blaire hit rock bottom, she leaned top top her digital relationship, yet when her love interest, Markie, is mysteriously kidnapped, Nev and Max try to piece together what happened.
Steven has been jamesmerse.communicating with Samm due to the fact that they met on Twitter six months ago, but Steven"s mother contacts Nev and Max to figure out what"s real, since her son has actually been catfished before.
Tiana"s an initial love, James, whom she met ~ above Myspace, has been MIA since she moved across the nation to be v him, therefore Nev and Max step in to investigate what he"s hiding.
Jacqueline stole Falesha"s identification to article vulgar jamesmerse.comments and bully people online, for this reason Nev and Max job-related together to find out why.
Platinum record artist R. Prophet struggles to form genuine relationships, so he seeks out Nev and also Max once he falls for a version he met online.
Sara insurance claims to have actually fallen for Thaddius after he approached her online for marriage advice, however her excuses for no meeting up raise questions just Nev and Max have the right to answer.
Andria met David online and also has been date him on and off because middle school, but due to the fact that he refuses to acjamesmerse.complish in person, Nev and also Max look for to i found it what he"s hiding.
Ayissha never ever opened as much as anyone till she met Sydney, whose lies are beginning to add up, therefore Max and also Nev step in to assist find the human she fell in love with.
Hundra fell for Emily online, and now with the assist of Max and guest co-host an equipment Gun Kelly, she"s jamesmerse.coming the end on nationwide television for a possibility at conference her true love in actual life.
College college student Devan believes Rylan could be the one, yet the two have only spoken online, therefore Nev and guest host Todrick Hall collection out to present them in person.
Hosted through Nev Schulman and Max Joseph, Catfish: The Untold Stories, features three never-before-seen shocking however true catfish tales, as told through the civilization who actually experienced them.
Hosted by Nev Schulman and also Max Joseph, Catfish: The Untold Stories, features three never-before-seen shocking but true catfish tales, together told by the human being who actually jamesmerse.competent them.
After 2 years the dating, Leuh tells Justin they need to meet him in person or else she"s ending their relationship, so she calls Nev and also Max to help facilitate a meeting.
Nev, Max, and also friends revisit the many dramatic, hilarious, unbelievable, WTF moments in Catfish history.
The actors of The Hills gets a fresh start once The Hills: new Beginnings premieres top top June 25 ~ above AU and also NZ.

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It"s a pursuit to build an empire in Mykonos, Greece, and only the finest of the ideal will do when Lindsay Lohan"s Beach society premieres January 9 at 12pm - same time together the US and also only on!