I"m pulling an iframe of one html website into another website however I keep obtaining the console (chrome) error in the title of this question and in internet explorer it says:

Content to be blocked because it was not signed through a valid security certificate.

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Your resource probably use a self-signed SSL certificate over HTTPS protocol.Chromium, therefore Google Chrome block by default this kind of resource considered unsecure.

You deserve to bypass this this means :

Assuming your frame"s URL is https://www.domain.com, open up a new tab in chrome and go come https://www.domain.com.Chrome will certainly ask girlfriend to expropriate the SSL certificate. Expropriate it.Then, if you reload your page with your frame, you can see that currently it works

The problem as you have the right to guess, is the each visitant of your website has to do this job to accessibility your frame.

You can notification that chrome will certainly block her URL because that each navigating session, if chrome can memorise for ever before that you trust this domain.

If your framework can it is in accessed by HTTP fairly than HTTPS, I suggest you to use it, for this reason this problem will be solved.

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Rémi BecherasRémi Becheras
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Sometimes Google Chrome throws this error, even if it have to not.I experienced it once Chrome had actually a new version, and also it essential to be restarted.After restarting the exact same page worked without any type of errors.The error in the console was:

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answered Aug 4 "15 at 7:21


Balazs NemethBalazs Nemeth
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I still skilled the problem described over on one Asus T100 windows 10 test maker for both (up come date) Edge and Chrome browser.

Solution remained in the date/time setups of the device; somehow the day was not set correctly (date in the past). Restoring this by setup the correct date (and restarting the browsers) resolved the concern for me. Ns hope I save someone a headache debugging this problem.

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Sebastiaan OrdelmanSebastiaan Ordelman
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open up your console and hit the URL inside. It"ll take you come the API page and then in the page accept the SSL certificate, go back to your application page and also reload. Remember the SSL certificates should have actually been issued for her Dev environment before.

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answered Aug 3 "17 at 0:40
Ramin AhmadiRamin Ahmadi
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Offering an additional potential equipment to this error.

If you have actually a frontend application that makes API calls come the backend, make certain you referral the domain name the the certificate has been authorize to.


https://example.com/api/etcand not my case, ns was making API calls to a certain server with a certificate, but using the IP instead of the domain name. This threw a fail to load resource: net::ERR_INSECURE_RESPONSE.

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answer Apr 26 "17 at 22:12
Liam George BetsworthLiam George Betsworth
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If you"re developing, and also you"re emerging with a windows machine, simply include localhost as a trusted Site.

And yes, per DarrylGriffiths" comment, back it may look like you"re adding an Internet explorer setting...

I believe those are Windows rather than in other words settings. Although MS often tend to assume the they"re only IE (hence the alert beside "Enable defended Mode" the it requries restarted IE)...

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Jim G.Jim G.
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Try this password to watch for, and also report, a possible net::ERR_INSECURE_RESPONSE

I was having actually this concern as well, making use of a self-signed certificate, which I have chosen no to save into the Chrome Settings. After accessing the https domain and also accepting the certificate, the ajax call works fine. Yet once that acceptance has timed-out or prior to it has first been accepted, the jQuery.ajax() call fails silently: the timeout parameter does no seem assist and the error() role never it s okay called.

As such, my code never ever receives a success() or error() call and therefore hangs. I believe this is a bug in jquery"s taking care of of this error. My systems is to force the error() call after a mentioned timeout.

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This code does i think a jquery ajax speak to of the type jQuery.ajax(url: required, success: optional, error: optional, others_ajax_params: optional).

Note: friend will likely want to adjust the duty within the setTimeout come integrate ideal with her UI: quite than call alert().

const MS_FOR_HTTPS_FAILURE = 5000;$.orig_ajax = $.ajax;$.ajax = function(params) var finish = false; var success = params.success; var error = params.error; params.success = function() if(!complete) complete = true; if(success) success.apply(this,arguments); params.error = function() if(!complete) finish = true; if(error) error.apply(this,arguments); setTimeout(function() if(!complete) complete = true; alert("Please ensure your self-signed HTTPS certificate has been accepted. " + params.url); if(params.error) params.error( , "Connection failure", "Timed the end while wait to connect to remote resource. " + "Possibly could not authenticate HTTPS certificate." ); , MS_FOR_HTTPS_FAILURE); $.orig_ajax(params);