Exercise 5: Cardiovascular Dynamics: task 1: studying the effect ofBlood courage Radius on Blood flow Rate rap Report

Pre-lab Quiz Results

You score 80% by answering 4 out of 5 inquiries correctly.

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1. Blood circulation is measure in

You properly answered: b. Ml/min.

2. Which of the following has the biggest effecton blood flow?

You appropriately answered: a. Blood ship radius

3. Which of the adhering to would not result in a diminish in the bloodvessel radius?

You effectively answered: c. Vasodilation

4. The diameter that the blood ship is the very same as

You correctly answered: two times the radius that the blood vessel.

5. The opening of the blood vessel whereby the blood flows is dubbed the

your answer : d. Valve. Exactly answer: b. Lumen.



Predict inquiry 1: What execute you think will take place to the circulation rate if the radius is enhanced by 0.5 mm?

Your answer : b. The flow rate will increase.

PredictQuestion 2: execute you think a graph plotted with radius ~ above the X-axis and flowrate on the Y-axis will certainly be linear (a right line)?

Your answer : a. Yes

Stop& Think Questions:

What isthe driving pressure for blood flow?

You correctly answered: b. Pressure gradient

How doesthe body boost the blood vessel radius?

You appropriately answered: c. Smooth muscle relaxation

Experiment Data
Flow (ml/mm)Radius (mm) Viscosity Length (mm)Pressure (mm hg)

Post-lab Quiz Results

You score 50% by answering2 out of 4 concerns correctly.

The variable that you transformed in this task was You correctly answered: c. Courage radius.

2.Vessel radius and also fluid flow

Your answer: c. Have actually a direct relationship.

Correct answer: b. Aredirectly proportional.

3. After ~ a heavy meal, once we are relatively inactive, we could expect blood ship in the skeletal muscle to be rather __________ and also the blood ship in the cradle organs to be somewhat __________.

Your answer: c. Constricted, constricted

Correct answer: d. Constricted, dilated

4. Once you increased the circulation tube radius, the fluid flow rate

You properly answered: a. Increased.

ReviewSheet Results

Explain exactly how the body develops a push gradient for liquid flow.

Your answer: The body creates a press gradient for liquid flow due to the press difference in between the 2 ends the the vessel.

2. Explain the impact that the circulation tube radius change had on circulation rate. Just how well go the outcomes compare with your prediction?

Your answer: increasing the circulation tube radius resulted in boost in the flow rate. It coincided with mine prediction.

3.Describe the result that radius alters have on the laminar flow of a fluid.

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Your answer: increase blood courage radius rises the laminar flow. Decrease in blood flow radius reduce the laminar flow.

4. Why carry out you think the plot was not linear? (Hint: look at the relationship of the variables in the equation). How well go the results compare with your prediction?

Your answer: The rise in blood radius brought about a corresponding exponential rise in the rate of blood flow. Little increments in the radius resulted in larger increments in circulation rate.