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What can feel much better than gift able to straighten her feet when working, gaming, or reading in your favorite office chair? Probably. And also think around how friend could likewise squeeze in a strength nap whenever her body asks for it. You can do that all through a high-quality reclining office chair with a retractable footrest.

Here’s our considerable guide come the ideal recliner desk chairs v a footrest, their features, and benefits. Make sure you research it thoroughly prior to deciding to acquisition your first recliner computer chair and also finally let her feet rest while working or playing video games.

Check the end our peak picks below.

The ideal Office Chairs v Footrests

1. BestOffice Ergonomic computer Gaming Office Chair v Footrest


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Whether you’re a gamer, house office worker, or both, having actually a comfortable reclining office chair is probably one the the an initial wishes on her list. And also the BestOffice ergonomic recliner office chair deserve to be exactly what you’re looking for.

This gaming chair through a footrest has an flexible reclining function that will allow you come lock in any kind of reclining position, indigenous 90-155°. Plus, bucket seat will administer you with extra comfort for those long working or gaming days. The BestOffice reclining office chair features comfortable lumbar support and a cushioned headrest pillow to safeguard your spine and neck.

If you prefer to take a quick nap in in between your games or work tasks, this reclining office chair v a footrest will meet this wish. Just keep in mind that this chair doesn’t have padded armrests, therefore it can be a bit hard if she not used to those.

key FEATURES:Premium PU LeatherSupports up to 250 pounds4 recline positionsBucket seatLumbar support and headrest pillow
SPECIFICATIONS:Dimensions: 35 x 50 x 50 inchesWeight: 38.5 poundsManufacturer: BestOffice


Ergonomic designEasy assemblyLow price


The arms space not padded, for this reason the plastic could feel rough and hard

2. RESPAWN 110 Gaming Office Chair


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If you’re in search of a high-end racer-style recliner chair with a footrest, the RESPAWN faux animal leather gaming chair will administer you through the class and comfort you’ve been browsing for.

4D adjustability is one of this recliner office chair’s most influential features. You deserve to easily find your optimal position by raising or lowering your chair and reclining in between 90-155 degrees, and also lock the wanted angle. Plus, a soft-padded footrest and also armrests will let you feel ultimate comfort whenever you decision to take a break.

The only drawback is that this recliner doesn’t function a spring-loaded earlier lean; otherwise, the a an excellent option in terms of price and also style.

key FEATURES:275-pound load capacityAdjustable headrest and lumbar assistance pillows155-degree tiltComes v a minimal lifetime warrantyUpholstered in external inspection leather
SPECIFICATIONS:Dimensions: 28.5 x 28 x 51.5 inchesWeight: 46.5 poundsManufacturer: RESPAWN


Ergonomic comfortPadded armrests8 colors accessible


Does not have a spring-loaded backrest lean

3. Dowinx Office Chair through Massage Lumbar Support


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Mind acquiring a massage while working or playing video games? questioning no more. The Dowinx reclining office chair v a footrest won’t happen you unnoticed.

Upholstered in vintage faux leather, this recliner chair will add elegance and uniqueness to your home office or a gaming room. Don’t even hesitate to take benefit of its 90°-180° reclining function for working, gaming, reading, or napping. Plus, this office chair also offers a 20° controllable rocking and also retractable footrest because that relaxing. And also the finest thing around this reclining office chair is the USB cable strength supply massager that will help your body rest no matter what.

One of the border is the this recliner chair could start making loud noises with time. However, you probably can’t safeguard yourself native this with many office chairs.

an essential FEATURES:USB cable strength supply massager90°-180° reclining350 lbs capacity20° controlled rocking and also retractable footrestOne-month replacement services and 1-year components quality guarantee
SPECIFICATIONS:Dimensions: 33.07 x 25.98 x 12.4 inchesWeight: 50 poundsManufacturer: DOWINX


Unique vintage animal leather styleWinged back provides multi-point human body contact8 inch high-density foam


The chair can start making loud noises

4. SIHOO Ergonomic Recliner Office Chair


examine Price ~ above Amazon

If she a fan of mesh ago office chairs or would like to update your current one through an flexible footrest, the SIHOO computer system mesh recliner chair is a rare find.

Depending on her needs, you can readjust this contemporary office chair’s recline approximately 170 degrees. And if girlfriend spend many hours sit in your chair, you’ll be happy to understand that this one has actually been approved by the Ergonomics application Association and will defend your spine during long work-related hours.

However, please keep in mind that the SIHOO reclining chair v a footrest is a better fit for taller people because the seat might feel as well deep for shorter people.

an essential FEATURES:110°-170° reclining3 levels of adjustment13.39 inches long footrestAdjustable backrest1-year guarantee
SPECIFICATIONS:Dimensions: 35.5 x 27.6 x 17.8 inchesWeight: 40 poundsManufacturer: SIHOO


Full parts coverage for the 3 years the the vouch periodLinkage armrest adjustmentErgonomic waist architecture


The seat might feel too deep if for much shorter people

5. JULYFOX Reclining desk Chair through Footrest


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Welcome another elegant executive reclining office chair v a footrest to our list. The JULYFOX high-back computer chair is perfect for working, gaming, and even lounging.

You’ll it is in pleased to learn that this recliner chair attributes a removable and large lumbar support and has lots of flexible features to obtain your ideal comfort. Plus, soft PU leather upholstery renders it watch stylish and presentable. This office chair supports approximately 250 pounds that weight, and also you have the right to recline the for approximately 170 degrees. The JULYFOX ergonomic recliner chair will certainly be your trustworthy companion during tiresome workdays.

One thing you might notification is that the really leg remainder differs a little from what is pictured.

crucial FEATURES:90-170 level tiltCovered by premium PU leatherRemovable lumbar pillowSupports approximately 265 pounds19-21 inch height selection
SPECIFICATIONS:Dimensions: 25.4 x 25.4 x 41-44 inchesManufacturer: JULYFOX


Multipurpose useHigh-density storage spongeEnhances the organic curve of your spine


The actual foot rest might differ native what is pictured

6. KILLABEE Massage Gaming Office Chair v Footrest

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Here’s one more excellent alternative for gamers and also home office workers who love act what they execute with comfort and a small bit the massage. The KILLABEE reclining massage office chair through a retractable footrest is a real find for those that love comfort, style and also yet don’t desire to invest a luck on their office chair.

Boasting a special soft chair cushion, thickened armrests and also ultra-high backrest, this recliner office chair will certainly hug your body and let you perform your work in the most comfortable position. And also as a cherry on top, an flexible lumbar cushion through the innovative USB electric massager implant will effectively assist you relax fatigue and rest anytime you need it the most.

The only complaint about this office chair is that the lumbar assistance cushion can get pinched in the gap in between the chair’s earlier and the seat.

key FEATURES:Supports as much as 250 poundsMassage lumbar cushionRetractable padded footrest90-175 degree recline and also lock1-year warranty on parts
SPECIFICATIONS:Dimensions: 26 x 26 x 51.2 inchesWeight: 55 poundsManufacturer: KILLABEE


Thickened armrestsRacing architecture castorsAvailable in 3 colour


The lumbar assistance cushion could get pinched in the gap in between the ago of the chair and the chair

7. YOURLITEAMZ Reclining High-Back Ergonomic Chair

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If you’re searching for a nice-looking leather executive chair v a footrest, the YOURLITEAMZ ergonomic recliner office chair is one affordable option that you’ll loss in love with.

This large ergonomic PU leather racing chair can hold up to 330 pounds and also features flexible headrest and also armrests to make your work or video game day even more comfortable. Plus, you deserve to rest you yourself by tilting the back to 170 degrees and also enjoy a snap sleep if needed. This recliner chair with a footrest is a perfect fit for both the office interior and also private gaming room.

Just be ready that the armrests might lose sponginess after about two months. Otherwise, that an awesome recliner office chair the will include elegance and style to your workspace.

an essential FEATURES:Up come 170 levels reclineHigh-quality PU leatherSupports as much as 330 poundsFoldable 5-star basic certified by BIFMAAdjustable headrest and armrest
SPECIFICATIONS:Overall Height: 46.5″- 49.6″Seat Height: 18″-21.3″Manufacturer: YOURLITEAMZ


Available in 15 color combinationsLarge dimension chairNon-slip and non-scratch roll caster wheels


The armrest might lose sponginess after around two month

8. Hbada Ergonomic executive Office Chair

inspect Price on Amazon

Hbada is a popular manufacturer that high-quality office chairs. So, it’s not surprising that they likewise took care of developing a comfy executive recliner chair through a footrest.

This high-back computer system chair is upholstered in high-quality PU leather. It functions a double-layer ergonomic backrest that consists of soft elastic cotton and also a aboriginal sponge to fit her spine and support the lumbar. You can also recline this office chair approximately 135 degrees and move the linkage armrest with the backrest to make your elbow and forearm rest nicely on the soft padded armrests.

However, if you prefer to absent in your chair, be conscious that it doesn’t have actually this feature.

an essential FEATURES:Supports approximately 275 poundsDouble great ergonomic backrest90-135 level reclineUpholstered in high-quality PU leatherPadded link armrest adjust
SPECIFICATIONS:Dimensions: 29.2 x 23.3 x 12.8 inchesWeight: 44.5 poundsManufacturer: Hbada


Simple and elegant designMute nylon wheelsPneumatic seat elevation adjustment


The chair does not have a rocking function

9. Duramont Leather desk Chair v Footrest

examine Price on Amazon

Still trying to find that best executive office chair through a footrest? Well, we might have currently found it because that you. The Duramont recliner office chair is one elegant and also stylish an option for anyone that enjoys comfort and also convenience.

This reclining office chair has actually soft padding and also a waterfall chair edge for much less pressure top top the ago of your legs so that you have the right to stay comfortable even when you need to sit under for hours. The chair also features a locking system that lets you securely save the right angle you need to, native 90 to 155 degrees.

However, if you taller than 6 feet, girlfriend should more than likely consider another option since it could not it is in the many comfortable version for you.

an essential FEATURES:Supports approximately 250 pounds90-155 level reclining angleThe unique waterfall seat edgeUpholstered in high-quality external inspection leather1-year guarantee
SPECIFICATIONS:Dimensions: 33 x 26.5 x 18 inchesWeight: 58 poundsManufacturer: Duramont


Strong solid constructionRecline lock systemClassic, elegant architecture


Might not be the best fit for those taller 보다 6 ft.

10. Hbada Ergonomic Office Recliner

inspect Price ~ above Amazon

Here’s another Hbada recliner office chair v a retractable footrest that might spike part interest.

This modern-day ergonomic black color mesh office chair increases airflow, keeps you emotion cool and also comfortable throughout long job-related or gaming sessions. The recliner chair additionally features a waterfall seat cushion the slopes slightly downward to help reduce stress on her legs. Plus, integrated lumbar support and also rotatable headrest permit you it is in in the best sitting posture and also protect her neck and also waist.

Just favor the previous listing, this recliner chair through a footrest is a much better fit for people under 5’10.

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an essential FEATURES:Contemporary ergonomic black color meshSupports as much as 250 poundsUp come 155 degrees reclineAdjustable lumbar support, headrest, and armrests8 cm anti-collapse sponge cushion
SPECIFICATIONS:Dimensions: 50.3 x 26.7 x 26.7 inchesWeight: 37 poundsManufacturer: Hbada


S-shaped ergonomic chair back5-star silenced wheeled baseSimple, contemporary design


May no be the finest option because that tall people

11. DEVAISE Ergonomic Recliner Office Chair with Footrest

examine Price ~ above Amazon

The DEVAISE reclining office chair with a footrest features a synchronized tilt device that provides you through a smooth, effortless recliner and enables personalized fit. It enables you to lock the chair at any angle between 90-160 degrees.

Also, this reclining chair has a big adjustable seat and also armrest with comfortable foam padding to ensure you’re sit in the best position as soon as working or gaming.

Although this chair offers padded armrests, you can find lock a bit too slim if you prefer thickly padded persons more.

vital FEATURES:Supports as much as 300 poundsFree-adapted earlier support90-160 degree reclineAdjustable elevation from 45.7″~48.8″Linkage armrest assistance
SPECIFICATIONS:Dimensions: 29.4 x 25 x 15 inchesWeight: 40.9 poundsManufacturer: DEVAISE


Easy to assembleAvailable in 4 color variationsBreathable mesh ago


The armrest padding is thin and a bit difficult

Things to Consider prior to Buying a Reclining Office Chair with a Footrest

If girlfriend don’t want to be disappointed through your purchase, here are some an important things you have to ask yourself before buying a recliner office chair with a footrest.

Does the footrest have actually padding?

If you want to feel the most comfortable, you should look because that a chair that attributes a padded footrest. The way, friend won’t should put castle on hard plastic and can rest without feeling any type of discomfort.

Is the chair good for both working and also gaming?

If you favor spending some hours playing video games after work-related or you a permanent gamer, you must opt because that a gaming office chair v a footrest together it’ll be suitable for both of these activities, and many more.

What material is it upholstered in?

If you choose executive style office chairs, climate you should more than likely go for a leather or faux leather workdesk chair with a footrest. Otherwise, friend can likewise consider mesh earlier chairs to boost the airflow and also are easy to clean.

What’s the chair’s reclining angle?

If you setup on acquisition naps in her chair, think about the design that have the right to recline as much as 170-180 degrees. And also if you just want to recline a little bit come brainstorm ideas and also rest your neck, then a smaller sized recline angle will be good enough for you.

Does the chair have actually padded armrests?

It could not be an problem for those who hardly ever use armrests, but if you understand you frequently take advantage of them, climate make certain you choose a chair that supplies padded armrests. Otherwise, the non-padded ones can feel too hard.

What’s its weight capacity?

Most office chairs with a footrest have the right to hold up to 250 pounds that weight. However, if you know you need a chair that deserve to hold more, girlfriend can uncover a few that have actually a 350-pound load capacity. Simply make certain to check the manufacturer’s specifications.

Is the adjustable?

Adjustability is among the most necessary features you have to be paying fist to. If lull is critical to you, select a chair that uses height, armrest, headset, and also backrest adjustability. This will aid you find the most optimal position for your body.

Does the have great lumbar support?

Sitting the entirety day in a chair isn’t great for her body, specifically your spine. It is why you have to make certain you gain an office recliner chair v a footrest that likewise offers good lumbar assistance to avoid feeling fatigued and back pain.

How far can the footrest it is in extended?

This can not be a problem if you’re of an median height. However, if you’re over 6 feet, wednesday recommend checking the footrest extension selection to ensure it’ll be sufficient to fit your legs and feet.

What’s the price?

Before starting your search, specify the spending plan you’re ready to spend on your brand-new reclining computer chair with a footrest. Now, there are plenty of affordable models as well as high-end models. Just make sure you’re no overpaying for the features you’ll hardly ever use.

Benefits the a Recliner Office Chair v a Footrest

If you’re still hesitating even if it is you need a reclining office chair through a footrest or no, right here are a few perks the might aid you make your decision faster:

It allows you take a fast nap whenever girlfriend want.It helps you put much less pressure on her legs and also feet.It helps rise blood flow.It permits you come feel an ext comfortable during long workdays.It lets you customize the recline angle according to her preferences.It deserve to be no an ext expensive 보다 a continuous office chair without a footrest.It can assist increase productivity.

The Takeaway

Consider an investment in the high-quality office recliner chair through a footrest as a donation to your day-to-day comfort. Even if it is you spend hours working, gaming, or analysis in your chair, having actually a nice padded footrest will assist you feel more relaxed and also less stressed. Plus, it can also assist you take better care of your body.

With the multiple flexible features and huge padded seat, a recliner office chair with a footrest will certainly take your house office come the next level. So, nothing hesitate come take her time before opting for one.

We expect you controlled to uncover what you were looking for. And also if you have any type of questions or have an idea what we should review next, you re welcome let united state know!

How us Review: our Office Chair Ratings Methodology

At Overheard ~ above Conference Calls, us take pride in exactly how we review office chairs. Ours team the office chair professionals spend hrs researching and also reviewing dozens that products before they also start composing their testimonial or article. Our goal is to bring you honest and unbiased information to assist you do an informed choice that will certainly be the finest for you. Our references are not for sale and also they are not affected by any type of of the manufacturers us review.

When reviewing one office chair, there are countless factors we analyze to recognize our recommendations. Here are our four most important:

Comfort:Comfort is vital to a good office chair. It’s most likely you’ll be sit in that for hours so you’ll desire something the won’t cause you aches and pains after hours of use. Us gauge comfort by testing for 4+ hours and looking at the thickness of the seat cushion and also its material.Durability:Not all office chairs are constructed the same. Ours durability element looks in ~ the top quality of the materials and also how sturdy the chair is ~ assembly. Due to the fact that we have actually a minimal tested period, we additionally conduct customer research study of longtime users.Lumbar Support:While this is one ergonomic feature, we made this its own separate rating factor since of how essential it is to your all at once posture, health, and comfort. We analysis each chair because that its lumbar assistance or lack thereof.Ergonomic Features:In addition to lumbar support, we additionally look at various other ergonomic functions such as the armrests, elevation adjustment, reclining, chair ergonomics, and also more. The far better it is for her ergonomics and also the more features/adjustability, the better.

Why isn’t price contained on that list? fair question! us do take into consideration price in the bespeak of our recommendations but because everyone has their own budget plan in mind, we won’t rule a chair in or the end just since it has premium or budget price.

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Our team has actually researched and reviewed hundreds of chairs and also we’re confident in ours recommendations. Us strive to only recommend the best products and also we periodically refresh our reviews and rankings.