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Old Gregg is a fictional merman character from the brother comedy television series The Mighty Boosh, who has environment-friendly skin, webbed hands, seaweed hair and female genitalia.

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On respectable 23rd, 2005, The Mighty Boosh episode "The Legend the Old Gregg" aired ~ above the united Kingdom-based tv network BBC. In the episode, the character Howard (played through Julian Barratt) accidentally traction a merman called Old Gregg (played by Noel Fielding) out of the water, who flashes Howard his female genitalia and takes him to his cave. ~ Howard regains consciousness, Old Gregg pressure Howard right into staying and also tells the story of "The Funk," one alien biology responsible because that the climb of funk music.

"You ever before drink Bailey"s indigenous a shoe?""You ever go come a club where civilization wee on every other?""I"m Old Gregg! I"ve acquired a mangina!"


On march 2nd, 2006, metropolitan Dictionary<2> user grep-top submitted an entry for "Old Gregg," citing the illustration of The Mighty Boosh together its origin.


On march 12th, YouTuber sparklemonkey uploaded footage from a live performance by The Mighty Boosh, in i beg your pardon Old Gregg pops of a huge box (shown below, left). In the next nine years, the video received more than 950,000 views and 290 comments. On November 11th, 2007, a page for Old Gregg was produced on the Mighty Boosh Wiki.<6> ~ above December 8th, YouTuber bryanonfilm uploaded a mashup video clip featuring clips indigenous the movie No nation for Old Men with called audio indigenous the Old Gregg map out (shown below, right).

On July 2nd, 2008, a Facebook<1> web page titled "Old Gregg" was launched, garnering upwards the 136,200 likes in the following eight years. ~ above November 10th, YouTuber Ashley Ketchum uploaded a video clip titled "Old Gregg in the Elevator," in i m sorry a man cosplaying as Old Gregg repeats lines indigenous the sketch to strangers in one elevator (shown below, left). On may 27th, 2009, YouTuber Caleb Bollenbacher uploaded a mashup of the Old Gregg map out with the Lady Gaga music video clip for the monitor "Love Game" (shown below, right).

On October 27th, 2012, Redditor nolanoxl uploaded a photograph of an Old Gregg cosplayer come /r/pics,<3> whereby it received much more than 2,400 votes (87% upvoted and 150 comments before being archived (shown below, left). On in march 26th, 2014, YouTuber Eddie Moran re-renewed again the comedy sketch, getting over 1.9 million view and also 720 comment in the following year. On November 1st, Redditor xxMVRCKxx post a photograph of himself dressed as Old Gregg come the /r/funny<4> subreddit, whereby it obtained over 3,900 votes (85% upvoted) and 120 comments in 3 months (shown below, right).

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On October 4th, 2016, XoJane<5> released a guide for creating an Old Gregg costume. On June 19th, 2017, Redditor JohnnyMrNinja uploaded a GIF combining a scene from the television present Star Trek: The following Generation through The Mighty Boosh lay out titled "Old Gregg – The prime Directive" come /r/HighQualityGifs<7> (shown below).