Get ready to dive into Wrothgar, Craglorn, and The royal City for part timely rewards in The Elder Scrolls Online.

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Elder Scrolls Online_ Craglorn Skyreach Catacombs
Bethesda is asking united state to take up arms in Craglorn, Wrothgar, and the imperial City through The Elder Scrolls Online's Year One celebration event Event. You have the right to win coffers chock complete of motifs and also other loot merely by gaining into the activity in these zones, however daily searches will network you far far better rewards.

Meanwhile, there are double loot drops in the Dragonstar and Maelstrom arenas, so currently is the perfect time to rush because that those certain weapons and armour pieces that you need for her build. Otherwise, friend can start by heading to the Crown Store and nabbing the totally free quest starter dubbed Sand, Snow, & Blood.

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You deserve to take component regardless of even if it is you have spent money ~ above the DLCs because Craglorn is free, and the imperial City have the right to be got hold of in the Crown keep for zero crowns - those space the only two locations required for the occasion tickets, together Craglorn and also Wrothgar space interchangable. However, if you do want to delve right into Wrothgar, the Orsinium DLC is top top sale because that 1,500 crowns (50% off). Alternatively, the Collector's Bundle have the right to be bought for 2,000 crowns, netting friend the cavern Bear mount, cavern Bear Cub pet, and also five Crown experience Scrolls.

Orsinium 2

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Otherwise, there's the 4-DLC Mega load which gives you Orsinium, the imperial City, the thieves Guild, and the Dark Brotherhood DLCs. It expenses 2,000 crowns at 50% off.

each year One Coffer has actually the potential to host crafting materials, royal City key fragments, style items catered to the zones, ar gear collection items, Transmutation Crystals, valuables, motif chapters (Yokundan, Celestial, Ra Gada, Trinimac, old Orc, Malacath, and also Xivkyn), and weapon styles.

day-to-day quests will additionally net dual reward boxes while there room increased source node rewards, bonus prey from all bosses and chests, and bonus Tel Var stones come be had actually in the royal City.

Finally, there's the traditional event vendor who you have the right to purchase items from v tickets. You acquire one ticket for completing a day-to-day quest in Wrothgar or Craglorn and also one for completing a district everyday quest in the imperial City. Friend can additionally buy tickets with real money.