I constantly hear civilization say that Ellie's last surname is "Williams", since that's what it was in the Japanese manual of the game.

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However, ns haven't seen any pictures of this (not that I'd be able to read Japanese). However I'm just curious if anyone to know both English and Japanese, and also can in reality confirm her surname is Ellie Williams.


Well, that same Japanese hands-on said the Joel's last name is Miller, and that deserve to be watched in the really game, in Sarah's room. So if they were right around that, climate it's feasible that it's right around Ellie's last surname too.

And plus, during the photograph booth step in Left Behind, if you select to write-up the photos to Facebook, Ellie species in her name, i m sorry is 8 letters, which can be "Williams".

But that's really the just proof the it the exists in-game, even though it may not necessarily check it, however it does make it seem an ext likely to be true.

Speaking of the entering name part, how does she know just how to touch kind and get in it in for this reason fast? Am ns the just one who noticed that? :P

I think the was just a placeholder surname that got removed somewhere follow me the line in development, since it doesn't really add anything.

The Japanese localization could have carried those surname in for the functions of story translation. Japanese civilization generally just refer to each other by surname uneven they're a nearby relationship, therefore that can have miscellaneous to execute with it. I wouldn't say that necessarily provides it official, though.

Personally, I prefer to imagine your names are Ellie Schwarzenegger and Joel McCrotch.

I think that was simply a placeholder surname that got removed somewhere follow me the line in development, since it doesn't really add anything.

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The exciting thing is that you only ever before hear one critical name discussed throughout the entirety game and also that's Jimmy Cooper, Joel's neighbor. I think they purposely didn't add any last names come the characters due to the fact that a last name is one of the things that specifies you in a work society. Over there is no use for a last surname in a post-apocalyptic world, hence the absence thereof.


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