It's time because that the ultimate test! The Pokémon league awaits, wherein you'll have to battle versus the upstream Four and also Professor Kukui –these battles will be the most an overwhelming ones yet.Do you have what it takes to end up being Alola's first-ever Champion?•View the Ula'ula Island Map


The upstream Four

It seems like years have passed because you last fought Hala and his Pokémon have grown lot stronger due to the fact that your critical encounter. Together you’re currently aware, Hala has actually a soft spot for Fighting-type Pokémon which method that you’ll desire to stop using Normal, Rock, Ice, Steel and also Dark Pokémon versus him. Thankfully, his team room pretty basic to counter. Round up your strongest Psychic, Fairy and also Flying-types because that this battle. The legend Pokémon the you just recorded will be well-suited come this fight too, so be sure to include it in her party!


Elite four Hala

Check out the boss Strategy for Elite 4 Hala

Olivia’s team has likewise grown because you an initial met them on Akala Island and she quiet favours she beloved Rock-types. Luckily because that you, Olivia’s Rock-type Pokémon have a variety of weaknesses that space x4, make them extremely vulnerable come Grass, Steel, Ground and Fighting-types, in particular. It’s unlikely the your Pokémon will certainly take the end Olivia’s in a single shot, together her team is pretty robust, however if you incorporate the types provided above in your party, win is within your grasp.

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Elite four Olivia

Check out the boss Strategy for Elite 4 Olivia

Acerola may be stand in because that Kahuna Nanu, yet that doesn’t make her any less the a threat. Acquisition on her team the Ghost-type Pokémon may prove to it is in trickier than you think. Her entire team is breakable to Dark-types, however she has additionally padded the end her party with many other moves, consisting of Flying, Grass and also Ice-types. For this reason, you’ll desire to ensure that your team is same varied. Acerola also has a healthy and balanced stock of Full Restores, which she’ll usage without hesitation, therefore bear this in mind when you’re planning her approach.


Elite 4 Acerola

Check the end the ceo Strategy for Elite four Acerola

Kahili is a former island an obstacle champion that has due to the fact that begun travelling the people to golf and train an ext Pokémon. She has actually a powerful range the Flying-type Pokémon so the best means to counter her is by selecting Ice, Rock and Electric-type Pokémon. This sounds quite straightforward however beware of her Crobat and also Mandibuzz, who are both qualified of poisoning her team. Much like Acerola, Kahili will also use Full Restores fairly frequently.


Elite four Kahili

Check the end the ceo Strategy for Elite 4 Kahili

The Champion's Chamber

You might have defeated the upstream Four yet it’s not rather over yet! There’s still one male that you need to prove yourself to. Loss Professor Kukui and also you’ll it is in crowned the very first Pokémon league Champion in Alola – it’s whatever to beat for!

Battling Kukui will be the most daunting battle you’ve experienced so far as he has actually six Pokémon in his team, among which is a direct counter to her starter Pokémon. His team is well-balanced so expect to switch the end your Pokémon commonly throughout the battle. If you find that this fight is more daunting than you feeling you can cope with, remember that you have the right to rely on her items to stall the fight and repair your team. Miss out on a turn or 2 attacking come revive her fallen Pokémon and then hit ago hard one they’re ago at complete health.


Professor Kukui

If you determined Rowlet, Professor Kukui will have:

If you determined Litten, Professor Kukui will have:

If you determined Popplio, Professor Kukui will certainly have:

Professor Kukui's various other Pokémon:

Check out the ceo Strategy because that Professor Kukui

Alola's first-ever Champion

Congratulations! You space Alola’s first-ever Champion, take it a minute to soak increase the victory v your awesome team that Pokémon.

You will certainly now have actually theIsland challenge Completion Stampinyour Trainer Passport which means that from now on, allPokémon will certainly obey her commands.

This is such an grandachievement the a festival is held in Iki city to celebrate!

Everyone turns up because that the festivities and also it looks together though they’re every enjoying themselves. Lillie appears to congratulate you and persuades friend to go to the ruins of dispute with her.


Visiting the ruins of Conflict

Arrive at the damages of Conflict and you’ll an alert that the bridge has actually been repaired. Pick up the Zygarde Cell on the best side the the entrance and head in come pay your respects to Melemele Island’s guardian deity, Tapu Koko.

Inside the damages of Conflict, you’ll find Tapu Koko’s shrine. Lillie many thanks the guardian and encourages you to perform the same. She likewise kindly heals her Pokémon. Reach the end to touch the statue and your Z-Ring will start to glow. Watch as the great Tapu Koko materializes in prior of you. It’s time to battle.

You will not be able to save prior to this fight so if you desire to capture Tapu Koko, you’ll have to be an extremely careful. In order to undermine it, try to inflict status conditions on it and dish out small chunks of damages at a time. Payattention to exactly how much damages each the your assaults does together you go. When it's wellness bar is red, shot to catch it!

Hopefully girlfriend will have just caught Tapu Koko, yet if girlfriend didn’t manage to, you’ll still obtain a piece of Tapunium Z (allows any type of guardian deity to unleash its Z-Power).

If friend were unsuccessful in make the efforts to capture Tapu Koko, don’t concern as you’ll be able to come ago and shot again later on on. To keep your seat together a Champion, you’ll have to fight the challengers in ~ the Pokémon organization once again, which way you’ll likewise get one more chance to battle Tapu Koko.

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You have now completed your Island Challenge, but luckily there’s lots more to do now that you’re a Champion. Continue reading the overview to explore new areas, record rare Pokémon and more.