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have the right to anyone melted some irradiate on why "Brentwood, NY 11717" now shows up to it is in "Edgewood, NY 11717" ??? (New York: genuine estate, home)
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Walter Greenspan

In http://www.jamesmerse.com/forum/long-...questions.html, it came up that what had been the "Brentwood, NY 11717" ZIP code postal ar now shows up to it is in the "Edgewood, NY 11717" ZIP password postal zone.Can anyone burned some irradiate on once this change in the name of the ZIP code postal zone native "Brentwood" to "Edgewood" may have actually taken place?Even though the ZIP code postal zone may have had a surname change, the Hamlet that Brentwood is tho the Hamlet that Brentwood, and there is no Hamlet that Edgewood.If there is walk to it is in a change from the Hamlet the Brentwood come the Hamlet of Edgewood, mine guess is that would not happen until the 2010 Census.
I think Edgewood LI is not an yes, really "city, town hamlet, etc." but the surname for a largely light industrial/business ar within because that zip password purposes however actually west that Brentwood proper, automatically east the the "Pine Aire" section, east of Deer Park and also north the "Bay Wood" on google maps (which chin is north of just Shore). It seems that google maps sometimes puts a one on the map through a ar name that actually stays within something else.If NOT, and Brentwood is actually transforming its name, then ns think that is a means to shot and escape the dubious reputation that much of Brentwood has and also attract new buyers that don"t know/won"t recognize what is walking on.
i not think its feasible for a town to readjust their name...when to be the critical name change on long island?
i dont think its feasible for a city to adjust their name...when to be the last name adjust on long island?
In the lack of a brand-new village incorporating and taking a brand-new name, different from the hamlet or hamlets from which it had actually been part of, hamlet name alters are typically concomitant v the Census.Concomitant v the 2000 Census, the Hamlets that Tuckahoe and Northampton in the city of Southampton, Suffolk County to be created.The Hamlet of "North" Southampton (what had actually been Southampton unincorporated) was renamed Tuckahoe, and, in addition, land native the Hamlet that Shinnecock Hills was transferred to the newly called Hamlet of Tuckahoe.The Hamlet of Northampton was developed from the west and northwest component of the Hamlet that Riverside. Actually, Riverside parted with so much area to develop Northampton that Riverside is now smaller 보다 the newly developed Northampton.

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Walter, ns think girlfriend may have stumbled across some little-documented minutae concerned the USPS addressing system. Awhile back, ns noticed some actual estate sites perform "alternatives" because that USPS mailing cities attached to ZIP codes. Sometimes, these are provided as "acceptable alternatives" and "non-acceptable alternatives". If I had to guess, these room antiquated mail addresses....tied to now-forgotten location names and real estate advancements - but at once officially offered by the article office.If I placed my home attend to (in the Wantagh, NY 11793 ZIP code) into the Census Bureau"s FactFinder utilizing "North Wantagh, NY" or "Briar Park, NY" (both commonly detailed as alternatives) v no zip password at every - it will still come up v the proper data the would appear had I offered "Wantagh, NY". If I try some other place (Bellmore, or WNATAHG, etc.) it doesn"t work. It likewise appears to only work-related with ar names ushered in since the dawn of ZIP codes. For instance, i tried "Jerusalem, NY" - a surname I understand my area was well-known by and also had a write-up office named therefore until the 1920s - but it didn"t work.FYI - There to be an Edgewood Psychiatric Center virtually identical to the one in emperors Park situated on a now vacant street of land in eastern Deer Park from the 1930s until the late 80s. I"m not certain if the hospital chin spawned the name "Edgewood" or if that was named for the neighboring community....but in any type of case, it"s very feasible that postage come the hospital was addressed as "Edgewood, NY" or even that it had actually it"s own write-up office the was a sub-station the Brentwood"s.