NGL haven't clearing the video game once yet. The highest I accomplished was the 8 hours floor on basic difficulty. Anybody has actually some advice on just how to rest through?

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Juggling heroes in between rooms over and also over provides them successfully invincible and also can odor mobs in rooms v turrets and also such. Through this i mean click on one room so the they run toward the next room and then immediately click earlier on the ahead room when they are in the door. Shot it out! The KIP cannon is wonderful late game when mobs have actually a the majority of health. You’ll require a many science because that it, but that shouldn’t be a problem. Save up industry. It’s really important to have actually a lot. Part heroes are very strong and deserve to singlehandedly carry a run: chief Nanor and Skroig feather to mind with their powerful abilities. Build lots that science makers so you can refresh their abilities in a pinch. Prioritize lighting up dead end so you don’t have to commit come defending them with turrets or heroes. Set your non-operating heroes in darkened rooms if girlfriend don’t desire mobs come spawn. Operation a shop that has actually a seller in it gives you dust every door. It’s very good, if dependency on a merchant.

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Some scattered tips

a handy trick that ns learned top top my very own while playing: adversaries cannot generate in a room v a hero, also if it's dark. An extension of that: if you're in a dark room and you're opened a new door, then you immediately run back to the initial room after ~ entering the brand-new room, adversaries cannot randomly spawn in either of those rooms. Of course the new room have the right to have opponents waiting, however the arbitrarily spawns through the exclamation marks can not occur. This method any time friend are about to open up a brand-new door, girlfriend can always power turn off the one you're at this time in and use the to power a different room (as long as you run earlier to the initial room immediately). You can also use this trick if you have a quick enough hero and also there's one unpowered room top top either next of the original room loved one to the unopened room. The hero have the right to scurry over to the unpowered room appropriate after beginning the new room.

neurostun and tear gas should be in basically any type of room wherein you want monsters come die

Operating has been the an essential to every conquering victory I've had. Uneven I was doing some difficulty or accomplishment run, I always start through a high wit hero (rakya is very first choice). I generally prioritize operating sector modules after ~ the first or second floor.

Speaking that which, placing down market as the first module is generally the best idea ~ floor 1. More major modules = more industry to build, for this reason you obtain the best bang for your buck if you get industry walking first. Counts on what your sources look like, that course