I am having a trouble with this mod, I offered Nexus mod Manager to install this mod. After that i opened up the "Data/SkyProc Patchers/Dual Sheath Redux/Dual Sheath Redux.jar" then clicked Patch.I got this error in-game:Dual Sheath ReduxPatch not DetectedPlease run the SkyProc patcher and activate the generated esp file.

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I assumption: v this way open the double Sheath Redux.jar, but i already did.Maybe a mod dispute or something? These are the perform of my mode installed.
+ Animation> XP32 maximum Skeleton -XPMS -back hip Dagger> YY Anim Replacer - Mystic Knight 

+ Armour> Alduins wing - Alduins wing Main 

+ an insect Fixes> ShowRaceMenu alternate - recent Version 

+ Hair and also Face Models> ApachiiSkyHair - ApachiiHelmetWigs_v_1_0> ApachiiSkyHair - ApachiiSkyHair_v_1_5_Full> expanded Slider Colors 

+Immersion> dual Sheath Redux> Even much better Quest Objectives> reality Body system - RBS SkyProc Patchers 

+Unassigned> Data (Note: This is for SKSE) 

+ User Interfaces> A Quality world Map> immersive HUD - iHUD v2_3> KenMOD - Time top top Loading display v4a> SkyUI
_____________________________________I already activated all the plugins (.esp and .esm)If you know how to solve this, climate i would certainly be very grateful.-Thanks in development

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Any Ideas?

I have the same specific issue, but with mode Organizer.

Running it through NMM worked fine. Ns think it would have something to do with the java script. Through NMM ns ran that on x64. MO just supports x86 version of java.

Anyway, if anyone to know a solution to this glith it would certainly be appreciated. Thanks.

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I just discovered it (at least for MO). It to be posted on Neovalen`s mod summary page (lol).

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It goes like this (at least for MO):

I usage Mod Organizer, exactly how do I operation the patcher?! aid me please!

Go come the data tab (middle obelisk on the right side) and expand SkyProc Patchers towards the bottom. Broaden the tree climate right click on the .jar paper (you may have actually to increase the paper name tower width to view the extension) to add it as an executable. Then walk up the begin menu and also select your brand-new executable (Dual Sheath Redux Patch) and also hit Run.

if friend aren"t making use of anything but winrar and nexus mod manager here is a action by step guide 1.make certain your java is approximately date2.follow the accuse as created on the mode page

activate the mode as normalextra step: walk to  game"s folder C:/Program Files(x86) /steam/steamapps/common/skyrim(this was not specified and also I assume civilization are going into the mod"s .rarSkyrim is a program and you need to adjust the permission settings (windows 7 is bad about permissions with set up program files) to modify just right-click, properties,security,advanced, change permission (do this because that Administrators and your User/____), inspect the tab full control, apply, ok, etc. Etc.  this have to make sure you are not walk to have permission issuesnow in the Skyrim folder go to Data/SkyProc Patchers within is a folder called double Sheath Redux inside that use the twin Sheath Redux Patch executable jar file WITH JAVA, if .jar is not already associated just right-click,properties, opens with . . ., change and select Java,(if girlfriend don"t check out it in this brand-new window click browse and search because that Java) run the patcher and also it need to finally create that brand-new dual sheath redux spot .ESP  in the Data folder of Skyrim no the SkyProc folder so back out right into Skyrim/Data archive this brand-new .esp file with winrar and install it together a mod through nexus

3. That is all there is also it for this reason enjoy! Every time you readjust weapon and armor mods you will should go ago to your Skyrim Folder and run the .jar replacing her .esp through the brand-new one (repeat my last three bullet points) p.s. My very first post on nexus forum I"m sorry if ns didn"t clean increase the formatting enough for basic reading. (I"m not really comfortable with posting top top jamesmerse.com)