When you live in a civilization where magic wreaks havoc and also demons fall from the skies, fighters of all kinds step as much as protect the helpmuch less.

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Their armor should be difficult sufficient to withstand the harsh punishments of the battlearea, and in Dragon Age: Inquisition, there’s plenty of armor to select from.

Here are the Top 5 Best Armors in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

5. Refined Battlemaster/Prowler/Battlemage Schematic

Two versions of the exact same stylish armor

The Dragon Age: Inquisition DLCs lugged us a handful of the finest armor schematics in the game. The Refined variation of the Battlemaster/Prowler/Battlemage armors are the greatest tier of that line, giving the best armor ratings and also upgrade slots. It’s the lowest on the list because of its comparably low armor rating and no cosmetic variation in class, yet through its arm and also leg upgrades and also sigil placement capability, it’s still a worthy armor for your Inquisitor and friends.

Why the Refined Battlemaster/Prowler/Battlemage Schematics are Great

Maximum base armor rating of 309 (Battlemaster)/288 (Prowler)/269 (Battlemage)Arm and also leg upgrade slotsMail style gives 3 product slots for defenseCoat design provides an extra utility material slot, replacing one for defense

How to obtain the Refined Battlemaster/Prowler/Battlemage schematics:

These schematics come through the Jaws of Hakkon DLC and deserve to be found in a few means. Each of the Coat deindications can be bought at the Weapons and also Schematics Merchant in Stone-Bear Hold, yet the Mail designs are a little bit trickier. For the Battlegrasp Mail schematic, you need to seal and loot a Fade Rift in between the Swampside Camp and the Shattered Wall marker. The Prowler Mail schematic is similarly in a Fade Rift’s loot, this time situated northwest of the Cliffside Camp. Lastly, the Battlemage Mail schematic is at Razikale"s Reach during the On Ameridan’s Trail primary search. It’s located in the eastern vault after completing the correct floor puzzle.

Refined Battlemaster/Prowler/Battlemage Schematics details:

Battleunderstand CoatBattlegrasp Mail

Prowler CoatProwler Mail

Battlemage CoatBattlemage Mail

4. The Revered Defender Armor, Stone Stalker Coat, and also Vestments of the Pure


Watch the spikes

These armors are the only non-schematics on the list. With wicked spikes and also harsh metal deindicators, these armors are worn by the Sha-Brytol, Dwarves that predate the fevery one of the Dwarven empire as we know it. When picked up, the armors are coated in lyrium lines that give the them an eerie blue glow. They come in 3 different looks, one for each course, that have unique build-in statistics.

Why the Revered Defender Armor, Stone Stalker Coat, and Vestments of the Pure are Great

The recovered armors are even more effective than the maximum schematic armor rating: The Unique sets boast a 312 (Defender), 293 (Stalker), and also 274 (Vestments) respectivelyThe Revered Defender Armor grants the wearer +45 Constitution, +5% Magic Defense, +5% Melee Defense, and also their abilities expense 10% much less mana/staminaThe Stone Stalker Coat grants the wearer +45 Cunning, +5 Dexterity, +5% Ranged Defense, and 75% much faster movement speed when in stealthThe Vestments of the Pure grant the wearer +5% Magic Defense, +30 Maximum Health, +45 Willpower, and also a 10% chance to actors Fade Cloak on a hit

How to obtain The Revered Defender Armor, Stone Stalker Coat, and Vestments of the Pure

These distinctive armor sets are from the Descent DLC, and also all 3 variants are respanned randomly from chests in the Bastion of the Pure area of the Deep Roads, or (spoilers) randomly acquired once you defeat the DLC’s last boss, The Guardian.

Revered Defender Armor, Stone Stalker Coat, and also Vestments of the Pure details:

Revered Defender Armor

Stone Stalker Coat

Vestments of the Pure

3. The Griffon Plate/Mail/Robes Schematics

In war, victory, in peace, vigilance, in fatality, sacrifice

The Grey Wardens have actually been a favorite faction of the Dragon Period fandom since we joined the army ourselves in the first game. The love stretches onwards with these new armors from the Trespasser DLC, providing a brand-new style to the Warden’s armor and reminding us of days gone by.

Why the Griffon Plate/Mail/Robes Schematics are Great

Armor ratings of 324 (Plate)/302 (Mail)/282 (Robes)Possible to obtain somewhat early in the gameOffers high Defense and also a Utility material slot

How to Get the Griffon Plate/Mail/Robes Schematics

These schematics were added to the game with the Trespasser DLC and also have the right to be accessed by completing certain War Table goals through particular Advisors. The Plate have the right to be received once completing Judgement: The Good Works of Ser Ruth with either Leliana or Cullen, the Mail is rewarded to you once completing Contact Hero of Ferelden with Leliana, and also the Robes are given when the Destroy Darkspawn Outbreak mission is completed with any kind of of the three advisors.

Griffon Plate/Mail/Robes Schematics details:




2. The Plate Mail/Armor/Vestments of the Dragon Hunter Schematics

Try and also bite through this

It isn’t dubbed Dragon Age for no reason. In Inquisition, you’re able to hunt ten high dragons for the Dragon’s Bane accomplishment, and also via the Jaws of Hakkon DLC, an eleventh is added in. So, normally, the Dragon Slayer armor varients are perfect for any Inquisition aching for the adrenaline of a life-or-fatality dragon fight.

Why the Plate Mail/Armor/Vestments of the Dragon Hunter Schematics are Great

Base armor of 324 (Plate Mail)/302 (Armor)/280 (Vestments)The Vestments and also Armor variants have actually 3 heavy defense product slotsThe Plate Mail variant swaps a third defense product slot for a spare utility

How to Get the Plate Mail/Armor/Vestments of the Dragon Hunter Schematics

All three variants of the Dragon Hunter armors schematics deserve to be got as soon as the Assuage Ameridan’s Heirs or Celebrate With Ameridan’s Heirs war table mission is completed.

Plate Mail/Armor/Vestments of the Dragon Hunter Schematics details:

Plate Mail



1. The Skin that Stalks, Strikes, and Shields Schematics

Slim, sleek, and prepared for action

And ultimately, the finest Dragon Era Inquistion armor is The Skin That Stalks, The Skin That Strikes, and also The Skin that Shields. Any armor via a name that ominous need to be good and also the stats on these varients don’t disapallude. With its sleek style, it works finest for female personalities but have the right to be worn by any type of character of any type of race or sex, and also uses a huge base armor rating for each class.

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Why the Skin that Stalks/Strikes/Sheilds Schematics are Great

These armors have the highest base armor ratings at 339 (Shields)/316 (Strikes)/295 (Stalks)The crafted version of these armors sell no course constraints, interpretation any kind of among your party deserve to have the very same product slot benefits if you wantDespite that, all three offer different product slots: The Skin that Stalks has actually 2 Utility slots and also one defense, the Skin that Strikes has actually two defense and also one utility, and the Skin that Strikes has all 3 as defense

How to gain The Skin that Stalks/Strikes/Shields

All 3 of these schematics are got in the same place: In the Trespasser DLC, you need to defeat a Greater Terror Demon and its minions before looting a chest in the Old Jail section.