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Try heading west native the Bone Tower, if you recorded it. It"s the camp you must kill a bunch of adversaries for. It is in prepared: because that me this location was a an extremely high level, had 2 giants, and also a ceo fight at the end. The vendor seems to provide some reasonably decent weapons, unless you"ve uncovered equal or better.

I can"t gain to the either and also I"ve come at it from every direction. Rescued every the miners, and also completed all various other stuff. No sure around this "Bone Tower" though. The dragons throughout the bridge room lvl 20 and 21 so possibly It won"t open up up till you lvl increase some..? at lvl 15 currently.

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SirthOsiris posted...Try heading west native the Bone Tower, if you caught it. It"s the camp you must kill a bunch of opponents for. Be prepared: for me this ar was a really high level, had 2 giants, and a boss fight at the end. The seller seems to offer some relatively decent weapons, unless you"ve found equal or better.interestingly enough, the giants space the genuine threat. Castle seriously gave me a many trouble, however i had the ability to breeze through when they to be done. My game additionally glitched out on the last boss fight who didn"t enter his third type for every little thing reason (I still gained his prey though and also he was considered dead). Ns reloaded for this reason i could beat him in an honorable way. But i dislike it when gamings do that.and the weapon dealer to be very...underwhelming :I"ve to be trying to find a decent tier 3 greatsword schematic because that awhile now with no luck. I"m probably simply going come put all of my tier 4/tier 3 weapon devices into my masterwork scehamtic
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How to get into suledin keep?
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