COVID-19 has actually cancelled a lot of traditions this year, yet you have the right to still view the vacation lights in ~ Dorothy stove Park in Tallahassee native the security of your very own car. We look at some of the changes made come the event and also what you can expect if you decision to check it the end in person.

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Mayor john Dailey: There room 150,000 lamp at Dorothy B. Oven. It’s for sure magical.

We have actually a employee of five or 6 that begin in around August setup up Dorothy B. Oven and also they work-related all the way up come the vacation season obviously the team maintains the the lights during the displays and then it’ll run all the method through brand-new year.

for this reason it actually was a regional church that supplied to do a light show here in Tallahassee. And also in the start of the 90s they contacted the city and said we would favor for you to lug on the heritage we would certainly donate every one of our lamp if friend would proceed to display and so earlier in 1990 us did the first light show here at Dorothy B. Cooktop park. V the year obviously we’ve included to it so it’s this remarkable production.

We started in around August to collection up because that the holiday season. Ns think among the benefits of Tallahassee is everybody loves Dorothy B. Oven and also they love the vacation lights. Now because we’re not doing Winterfest this year and we haven’t to be able to carry out Elf Night, yhere’s actually been a higher concentration on people that desire to come through and see the lamp which is great. That’s why we carry out it, we carry out it for every the citizens right here so we’ve seen an excellent traffic coming v everybody’s to be veryrespectful and an extremely healthy and you understand playing their duty as well however it’s been an excellent this year.

We’ve acquired an amazing team in ~ city the Tallahassee through Parks and also Recreation and also because the COVID. Because we have actually been emphasizing civilization to drive with the park instead of walk v the park. They have taken that method to lug the lights closer to the road so you can have the many amazing endure from the front seat of the backseat the your auto as you’re driving through.

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I would strongly encourage human being to wear their masks even though you’re outside due to the fact that of the reality that the lamp do bring crowds there are world that will be here. Let’s be smart, let’s be safe around it and enjoy the lights but wear your mask.

I desire everybody to take a deep breath just really relax enjoy the lights and also enjoy the holiday season this has actually been a an extremely trying year for every one of us and I think any time that we deserve to just relax with our family. Counting our blessings and enjoy this beautiful see this winter wonderland we must all take that opportunity. Together a household we’ve been coming yearly with our boys and as they have actually grown up watching their expressions together you just come in and every one of a sudden it’s simply this magical setting with every one of the lights. It’s a Tallahassee tradition.