“Don’t forget to feed her neopets” is a track by elijah who published in respectable 1, 2017, i beg your pardon sampled Childish Gambino’s “Bonfire” and turned the critical from a lot more… review More 

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Okay, it's Childish Gambino, homegirl fall it prefer the NASDAQMove white girls prefer there’s coke up mine asscrackMove black girls cause, man, fuck it, I’ll do eitherI love pussy, ns love bitches, dude, I have to be runnin’ PETAIn Adidas, v some brief shorts, B-O-O all over meMy eco-friendly is whereby it's claimed to be, your environment-friendly is in mine groceryThis asian dude, ns stole his girl, and now he got that Kogi beefMy cock is prefer an interval mark, it’s all about the over EsHot choose a parked carI sound weird, favor "nigga" v a hard 'R'Fly choose the logo on mine cousin’s 440Eatin’ Oreos choose these white girls that blow meVodka for my ladies, whiskey for a grown manHangin’ in the islands, lookin’ because that Earl prefer ToejamI make the to win retarded, so ns callin’ it a sluggish jamButcher and I recognize it, man, kill beef, go hamThese rappers are afraid that himCause ns a beast, bitch, "grrr" - Invader ZimGambino is a contact girl: posesthe you, pay meBrand brand-new whip because that these niggas choose slaveryTold me i was awful and also that shit did not faze meTell me just how I sucking again, my memory is hazy“You're my favorite rapper now!” Yeah, dude, I much better beOr you have the right to fuckin’ kiss my ass: human CentipedeYou wanna view my girl? i ain’t that dumbYou wanna see my girl? inspect Maxim"Man, why walk every black color actor gotta rap some?”I don’t know, every I recognize is ns the ideal one

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It’s a bonfire, revolve the lamp outI’m burnin’ every little thing you muthafuckas talk aboutIt’s a bonfire, turn the lights outI’m burnin’ every little thing you muthafuckas speak aboutYou understand these rapper dudes talk shit, start killin’Fuck that, obtained goons prefer an archvillainI’m native the South, ain’t acquired no accent, don’t recognize whySo this laboratory is child’s play, I execute my name favor Princess DiYeah, they say they desire the realness, rap around my genuine lifeTold me ns should just quit: “First of all, you talk white!Second off, you talk prefer you haven't given up yet"Rap's stepfather, yeah, you hate me however you will respectI placed in work, asking LudwigPut my heart on the track prefer shoes didPlayed this because that my cousin, currently he can’t even think straightBlack and white music? Now, nigga, that’s a mixtapeShoutout to mine blerds, they stand for the realnessShoutout to Gambino Girls, my prick is in the buildingI know you dislike me cause your small cousin play me outI favor black girls that nerdy however when they dance they be sayin' "Owwww"I'm sorry for who adhered to meChillin’ with a Filipina, in ~ your regional JollibeeYeah, ns in she ass prefer sodomySo if you check out my hand under the table, don’t bother meI don't talk soft, that's that various other guyI’m screamin’ “What the posesthe is up?” prefer I ain't seen the skyThe shit i’m doin’ this year? InsanityMade the beat then murdered it: Casey AnthonyThese rappers don’t understand what come doCause all i did was act me favor a Looney TuneAnd I’ll provide you all of me till there’s nothing leftI make an oath this summer will certainly be summer Camp, bitch