It is our pleasure to welcome you come our fun addition to las Vegas’s civilization Famous Fremont Street.

A brand-new York-styled Piano Bar, through an open mic.

Where every night is a party, and also no 2 nights are ever the same!

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Open Mic Every Night

Every night at 8pm the magic begins...we have Las Vegas’s optimal up and also coming pianists and singing employee to organize an night of fun and frolic! along with singing few of your favorite songs, they will be offer you several of your favorite drinks! It’s choose karaoke, however you need to know your lyrics. (If friend don’t friend can constantly use her 'smart phone'.)

Open 6 Nights a Week!

Open at 8pm, we open up our doors because that fun, and also frolic! we have people famous piano players, and some the the most talented singing bar employee that you will every hear!

We are situated on the famed Fremont Street in Neonopolis ~ above the ground floor! Click ~ above ourFacebook web page to check out who is walk to it is in the featured to chat of the evening!





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The finest Piano football player in ras Vegas

Whether you have arequest for your pianist, or her singingbar staff, or if you too would favor to be a las Vegas Star, her favorite songs are just a pointer away! Come through or there is no your own sheet music, and also our piano players will be over there to entertain all night long!The nightly music fare consists of Broadway, Country, absent & Roll, Jazz and also Standards...and friend never recognize what other genre they may have the ability to serve up, if inquiry nicely.

Singing Barstaff

All of your bartenders, waiters, andwaitresses room all up and coming expert singers that are right here toentertain you!