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The steps forced to take it in order to finish the success “Breakthrough”

Wallpaper Pictures1-7. Room unlocked through default.8-17. Room unlocked by completing the 7 side stories.18. Compose a city in any act in under 20 seconds.19. Select the indigenous ‘kawaii’ as soon as writing a poem.

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Poem Pictures

Poem photos 20-44 are unlocked in the key game.You have to romance every girls in one playthrough. Friend will need to make a save before the first poem writing minigame, write 2 poems for one of the characters, gain a weekend event, and also then load the save.Yuri’s and Natsuki’s weekend events are uncovered by assisting them with festival preparations. Sayori’s is uncovered by telling her you to love her.As shortly as you get to Monday, load your old save.Additionally, girlfriend must complete a separate play v for each girl selecting 1 romance choice to spend time with.

CG Pictures

Pictures 45-62.Simply play with each side story and completely play with the main video game 3 times choosing to invest time v each that the girls. This consists of writing all poems because that them, selecting to spend the weekend through Yuri and Natsuki, informing Sayori girlfriend love her.

Secret Pictures

Secret photos 63-72There space 7 secret poems that room randomly selected as soon as you get in Act 2.

The quickest method to perform this is to acquire to act 2 and also skip until you are offered the secret poem. Look in ~ the secret and departure the game. ~ above the key menu, now select a brand-new game, and you are sent earlier to the start of action 2. Skip till you are given a an enig poem and repeat.Glitched Monika poem and also Happy Thoughts are not counted right into data completion.You have to stare in ~ the dot in poem 5 for a few seconds for it to be counted.The eighth mystery is the 1.5% opportunity “ghost menu” screen. Once you with act 2, skip up till glitched Sayori ideologies you in the classroom and turns right into Monika, now exit the game and also keep opening and closing the video game until the ghost food selection is shown.This section can take hrs so do this last.

Background Pictures

Background pictures 73-84Complete the 7 side quests and romance the 3 girl in action 1 in separate playthroughs.

Sketches Pictures85. Pick ‘doki-doki’ when writing a poem86. Select to invest the weekend with Sayori and then Monika prior to then being required to choose Yuri or Natsuki87. Delete Monika’s paper before starting a game88. Compose a perfect city for Natsuki89. Write all poems for Natsuki in act 190. Create a perfect poem for Sayori91. Compose all poems for Sayori in plot 192. Effort to load an old save record after Sayori hangs herself.93. Create a perfect poem for Yuri94. Create all poems because that Yuri in act 195. Delete Monika’s file before she starts her monologue in action 3 96. Sent out in an email97 & 98. Achieve the distinct ending99. Skip Monika if she is talk in act 3100. Contact for Sayori’s aid when prompted in the Yuri and Natsuki argument101. Tell Sayori that you would certainly walk house with her instead of Yuri/Natsuki102. Open up the file poemwords.txt in the records menu103. Endure the ‘Play with me’ step (write 2 poems for Natsuki in act 2)104. Select a corrupt word once writing a poem in plot 2.

Promo Pics105 – 107. In act 1, write each poem for a various girl108. Hear to at least 15 of Monika’s monologues109. Get all the secret pictures110. After ~ Yuri death herself, make it through the weekend without skipping (the easiest way is to usage an autoclicker to skip the text really quickly)111. Finish all of the next stories112. Select the native ‘horror’ once writing a poem113. Delete Monika for a second time ~ resetting the game.


You should now have actually 98% or 99% data collection. To obtain 100% you should now open up the music menu and listen come the song ‘Candy Hearts’ on loop for around 10 minute (or about 4 loops of the song). Then back out that the music food selection onto the food selection screen. Open up the music dashboard again and also listen to liquid hearts again and this time it will certainly be a much more eerie version. When you have listened to this all the method through friend should have 100% data completion.

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Unlocking the AchievementGo into side stories and also there is currently an 8th option ‘test vm’. Running this should provide you the achievement.

This is all around Doki Doki literature Club Plus! – exactly how to finish the success “Breakthrough” Guide; i hope girlfriend enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel favor we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us understand via commenting below, and thanks! view you soon!