Founded in 2009, animation Design Co., Ltd. Is an companies integrating R&D, production and also sales of computer animation peripheral products. Boost quality assets for customers with strong R&D capabilities and also production technology. Through years of development, we have actually comprehensively improved the technological capabilities that the industry, with a big design team and independent manufacturing plants.

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* If you need the pillow core, girlfriend can choose your inner pillow size from increase list.* Double-sided high quality image printed by digital sublimation printing through the ideal ink, invisible zipper.* The photos printed on to the pillow cases are uncensored and also without any type of watermarks.* her dakimakura will certainly be wrapped in secret to protect your privacy and also fast supply to friend safe and also intact.* 4 fabrics come choose: peach skin / japanese textile / organic velvet / 2 method tricot.

Peach SkinDakimakura

Fabric characteristics: Peach skin fabricis the most favourable material, which has actually high cost performance, pretty color rendering, soft and also smooth feeling, and nice durability, but nearly with no elasticity.


Japanese Textile Dakimakura

Fabric characteristics:This male is a step up from peach skin but still the typical Joe that the group. While the doesn't excel in any specific area, it doesn't disappointed either. Picture quality is quite good and once referring come softness, it has actually peach skin beat.

Natural VelvetDakimakura

Fabric characteristics: quick velveton the surface, that feels reasonably thick, soft and warm, it’s reallysuitable for winter. It will not offer you lengthy in terms of durability. Another downside is the picture quality i beg your pardon isn't as characterized as various other fabrics as result of the nature of velvet.

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Two means Tricot Dakimakura

Fabric characteristics:This is the God amongst Gods! It has the best snapshot quality! It's softness-o-meter is turn off the charts! best of all, it will last FOREVER!! This has tendency to it is in the many expensive cloth as well, but who has ever heard of a cheap god? Exactly, no one. For this reason if you have money come spare climate this really must be your number one choice when deciding to buy her dakimakura. O(*>ωAdvantage:(1) It has actually a large elasticity and also can large in both directions. The is simple to collection the pillow(2) feeling delicate, soft and also comfortable come touch(3) High print precision(4) No static electricity, no wrinkling(5) warmth is good.Disadvantages:(1) low durability. Mostly manifested in simple to dirty, simple to hook silk. If the is supplied every day, it will start to be damaged in much less than 2 months. ~ a year, the hand feels much less smooth. For this reason it demands to be provided carefully.