Group: Chapter 2 - Escape native Reaper"s Eye

Starting Map: Fort Joy

To have the ability to acquire this pursuit you have to visit Forgotten Cell and also talk to lord Withermoore. The entrance (To: forget Cell) is hidden and buried in the Caverns. You can very first play hide and also seek with Mody, this way you will uncover this mystery passage.

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We have met one undead being, petrified and pierced through an heavy lance. Must we shot to help, or leave him...?

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1. Withermoore Freed

Remove (need enough strength) or destroy Spear the Braccus Rex sticking out from his chest and also then talk to him.

We have freed the undead being, mr Withermoore, from his petrified curse. He"s available us a deal - If we help him to it is in completely cost-free by damaging his heart Jar, the will aid us come escape from ft Joy.

2. Lord Withermoore

Accept the lord Withermoore"s exchange.

We agreed to aid Lord Withermoore ruin his soul Jar. The told united state of a an enig switch hidden on shrine come the magnificent in the key courtyard of fort Joy. The switch will reveal a hatch that leads to the dungeons. From there, we must seek the end the Phylactery Room ~ above the main castle floor. Withermoore"s soul Jar must be in this room - likely concealed in part way.

There are many ways to get to the prison, but if you desire to follow the Lord"s instructions, you need to go come Shrine to the Divine, use it and select:

*Notice the switch Withermoore described and press its worn surface.*

It will certainly unveil the surprise Hatch come the Underground.

3. Ruined Soul Jar

Go to the Ancient Passage, find and also destroy correct Withermoore"s heart Jar. Don"t touch various other jars becouse they will explode or summon part enemies.

We ruined Lord Withermoore"s soul Jar, releasing his soul.

4. Offered Soul Jar

In order to perform this you must an initial get to escape of her collar.

We provided the spirit Jar, and gained the strength within for ourselves. In the process, we have actually doomed Withermoore"s soul.

5. Secret Helper

Lord Withermoore can help you remove power Field in Braccus Rex" Tower.

An undead being referred to as Lord Withermoore appeared and offered to assist us. He insurance claims that this is in return for ruining his heart Jar, and thus freeing him indigenous his bondage.

5.1. Sacrificed Self

Lord Withermoore provided the last of his powers to unseal a powerful Source barrier for us.

6. Finish SJ Ghost

Lord Withermoore"s spirit thanked us for ruining the soul Jar.

7. End SJ Fight

Lord Withermoore battled us because that failing to ruin the spirit Jar.

8. Close Left fort Joy

We have actually left Reaper"s Eye behind, there is no helping lord Withermoore.

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