Group: Chapter 5 - The Nameless Isle

Starting Map: The Nameless Isle

This quest can be started in number of ways. The easiest way to begin it is by talking to Almira as shortly as you come on The Nameless Isle.

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1. Begin #1: Almira

Talk to Almira after you with The Nameless Isle.

Almira has actually told united state of the black color Ring Leader, The Sallow Man. We have to seek the end this gift in his cavern lair. Have to we encounter any Black Ring forces along the way, we have to pretend come be she thralls.

2. Begin #2: Mirror

Get Black Mirror, for example from Forktongue (lvl 16) and also use that to call The Sallow Man.

The Sallow man wants united state to lug him the head that Bishop Alexandar. We have the right to report ours success at his concealed lair, in a cavern at the base of the mountain.

3. Begin #3: Captain

Talk come Scawl that the black color Ring.

A black Ring captain ordered us to head in the direction of the Elf holy place in order to assist with the recurring fighting there.

4. Camp Location

We learned that the black Ring have been making use of a cave near the human being Temple because that supply purposes. We must investigate.

5. Alexandar Location

Go come the enntrance gate to Elven Temple. Knight of Tir-Cendelius will present up. Speak to him and also ask about Alexandar.

We’ve discovered that Bishop Alexandar lives here, on the Nameless Isle, in the temple of Tir-Cendelius.

6. Alexandar Dead

You have to kill Bishop Alexandar.

Alexandar is dead. We should retrieve his head and also make call with the Sallow Man, either in human being or by making use of a black color Mirror.

6.1. Return Alexandar Head

Loot Alexandar"s Severed Head and bring it come The Sallow Man.

We brought the head the Alexandar come the Sallow Man.

Notice: *Claim her reward* will take far a random background / tag native you and replace the with new one.

*Muse the you would like a little an ext barbarity in your nature.* - Barbarian*Chuckle that you would prefer a better sense of humour...* - Jester*Imagine yourself with knowledge of the mystical world...* - Mystic*Rue that you have never been recognised for your innate nobility.* - Noble*Let Sallow see your inner yearning for an outlaw spirit.* - Outlaw*When you to be a child, you want to it is in a soldier...* - Soldier*You"ve constantly fancied yourself together something the a scholar...* - Scholar

6.1.1. End

We completed the Sallow Man"s request. It seems that he has actually something us need, miscellaneous important... But he won"t meet his finish of the deal just yet...

6.2. Ate Alexandar Head

One of us ate the head the Alexandar. Now we won"t have the ability to prove come the Sallow guy that we fulfilled his request.

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