I walk a lone wolf run before (First run) yet i wasn't really correctly paying fist to things so it's no optimal and also found it very hard to perform anything once i obtained to Ark without KOing my other party member). My develop was Stormchaser and also then a 'tank' that i didn't yes, really spec well.

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I tried v 4 personality team and found the actually more tricky and also gave up about act II

I find Lone wolf builds an ext fun for me right now, and due come my absence of suffer i need some suggestions. I find Mage layout builds much much more interesting for me (I constantly have in RPGs regardless of even if it is it's DOS2 or Skyrim)

Planing on have 2 people. No doing a full solo run build


Lost Sinner has some good builds, lots because that solo / lone wolf.

I’ve previously provided https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1220461878

this build and also found the huge selection of spells handy. Ended up pairing it through an archer / summoner yet wasn’t certain how great it rotate out.

They’ve acquired a good blood mage lone wolf construct too, yet although i have heard great things about their damages potential, I never found spreading a huge variety of spells to be quick on damage.

Having a blast with a sword and also board warfare/necro and a poly/wayfarer. Not out the the very first act yet however the abilities i’ve picked increase are simply so satisfying.

Blood mage has great defensive through a want and shield, and deals mainly physical damage with spells. Ns paired with a death knight build and they're pretty unstoppable. Offer it a go, this game has a vast amount of depth to discover so try it all.

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My an initial playthrough was a dual LW playthrough with a Hydro Summoner and an Aero mage. That was great fun, and easy come improvise; you don't really need an extensive build guide for it. One caveat: spec a couple points into Necro top top each and get few of those an abilities so you deserve to handle opponents with high Hydro/Aero resistances.

I've likewise done a Juggernaut/Terramancer playthrough, which was also an extremely fun!


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