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To start this quest, enter the hut located eastern of Driftwood Fields. This house is located east of the cow location enabling you to begin “Treated like Cattle” next quest. You will discover Jonathan top top the ground near Gareth (picture1). Friend will have actually the choice between reasoning Gareth and also ask him no to death Jonathan or pressure him to death his friend (picture2).

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Choice No.1 – death Jonathan:

In the first case, you’re going come let Gareth kill Jonathan. This will finish this quest (picture3). Note: Don’t forget to choose up the item on Jonathan’s body.


Choice No.2 – conserve Jonathan:

In the 2nd case, you will have to persuade Gareth to preventive Jonathan (picture4). This one will certainly take him outside the hut and continue his trip to reach the farm of his parents (picture5).


Go east towards the entrance to the Blackpits to discover Gareth close to his parents’ house, digging a dig (picture6and7). Through talking with him, you will discover that his parents were killed by a secret character…


Choice No.1 – factor Gareth:

In the an initial case, describe to Gareth that this one is in the procedure of tipping into madness (picture8). By reasoning him, girlfriend will put an end to this search (picture9).

Choice No.2 – aid Gareth to uncover the culprit:

By agreeing to aid Gareth, friend will have actually to find the culprit (picture10). Move to the enntrance gate of the house and persuade the guards to let you in, or kill them (picture11and12). In both cases, you will obtain a crucial (picture13).

Once in the hut, accept or no that Gareth death the monks, this will not change the continuation of the pursuit (picture14). Then use your spirit Vision to expose the heart of the parents and also discuss through them (picture15). You will find out that Jonathan is responsible for this massacre.

Discuss with Gareth and explain the instance (picture16). Note: Please note that you will have the ability to retrieve Jonathan’s gloves close to the grave, an additional clue indicating the he is the murderer (picture17). You will discover Jonathan in the Blackpits, southeast of the map (picture18). After friend have found it, friend will additionally unlock “On the ropes” pursuit if it to be not already the case.

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You’re walk to need to win her fight versus Jonathan and get Jonathan’s ring on his corpse (picture19). Warning: In this fight, nothing will come the end of the ground. If the fight is too complicated for you, come back after winning several levels. Climate go back and see Gareth and also give him the ring (picture20). You deserve to then select one the the complying with rewards (picture21).