Different favor Me introduces kids aged 8 come 12 years to famous, inspirational numbers from the human being of science, art, math, literature, philosophy and also comedy.Eight-year-old Quinn, a young boy with Asperger"s Syndrome, speak young readers about the achievements and qualities of his autism heroes, native Albert Einstein, Dian Fossey and Wassily Kandinsky to Lewis Carroll, Benjamin Banneker and Julia archer Robinson, amongst others. All excel in different fields, however are unified by the reality that lock often found it complicated to to the right in-just prefer Quinn.Fully illustrated in colour and also written in child-friendly language, this book will it is in a wonderful resource for children, an especially children v autism, your parents, teachers, carers and siblings.

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About the Author

Jennifer Elder is assistant editor in an established book publishing company. She and also her husband have actually two sons, one of whom has ASD. You can read more about their family members in the memoirs Sixpence House and Not even Wrong.

Table the Contents

Introduction. Albert Einstein. Dian Fossey. Andy Warhol. Benjamin Banneker. Andy Kaufman. Wassily Kandinsky. Julia bowman Robinson. Piet Mondrian. Alan Turing. Sophie Germain. Lewis Carroll. Isaac Newton. Nikola Tesla. Paul Erdos. Glenn Gould. Immanuel Kant. Barbara McClintock. Joseph Cornell. Hans Christian Andersen. Holy place Grandin.

Editorial Reviews

Different choose Me is a fine written, informative publication that introduces youngsters - age 8 and up - to quirky famous people; world who excelled in their chosen filed, be it music, art, science and even comedy, but didn"t quite fit in. I an especially enjoyed the explanation of what made them tic and also the fact that there were a good proportion of ladies this is a great confidence booster for youngsters with a ‘high functioning" Autistic Spectrum Disorder, an possibility for castle to show off, and also an enjoyable read for every one, to boot!"

Education Otherwise

I watch this publication as beneficial for children aged eight come twelve, for households with a young kid with autism and for institutions to be able to celebrate difference. So often the distinctions we identify and also celebrate are the clearly shows ones, yet it is crucial that we have the right to see the personality of each human being as a reason for solemn event too. This publication will help all those reading it to remember the autism heroes and recognise the unique differences and also individuality of kids with autism.


‘Written with the eyes of 8 -year-old Quinn who has Asperger"s syndrome (AS), this delightfully illustrated book introduces famous and also talented human being who space felt to have actually autism or AS. Historical and present day individualities are included, from the sciences, music, literature, art and comedy. In describing each individual and also his or her distinct talents, this lively small book reflects the diversity that is discovered within the autistic spectrum. The writer gives a clear message that being different is not just ok but is something come celebrate. She aim was to assist children v autistic spectrum disorders recognize their diagnosis. The illustrations and also single-page, plainly written accounts do this plausible. Return the book is intended for 8 come 12 year olds, it would also be pertinent to families, friends, carers and educators."

Good Autism Practice

I think this publication would it is in a useful addition to the library that any second school through youngsters with Asperger"s Syndrome or greater level ASD

Michael Jones

The book begins with a young young going come the physician who subsequently tells him that he is autistic. The doctor describes that this way that the is different and may uncover it difficult fitting in. The book then introduces him to inspirational famous and historical figures, every one of which excel in their own details field however are joined by the fact that lock too, uncovered it an overwhelming to to the right in. Every page has actually a different person"s life story and also an illustration that the person. The stories space written very simply, easily read and understandable, yet truly inspirational and very educational.

Autism Awareness

Autistic children and also their friends will find much to excellent in these people and also will discover that being various can have its optimistic points. Excellent for school libraries and also for the house as well.


Albert Einstein, Andy Warhol, Isaac Newton, Lewis Carol and Hans Christian Andersen had one point in common. Follow to this book they all had autistic spectrum disorder. It tells the really interesting stories of 20 men and women who didn"t "fit in" with other people however were talented and successful in their very own fields. The story are portrayed by original paintings of every person."Different prefer me, by Jennifer Elder, is a book that celebrates several of the good things completed by civilization on the Autism spectrum. The book is aesthetically pleasing: fine presented; beautifully illustrated, and also easy come read, both in content and also layout.

Children Young civilization & Families

This publication will assist inspire children who room different and shows them the they too have the right to succeed.

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Temple Grandin

Different like Me is a book describing the lives of various civilization who discovered it daunting to fit right into society. There room both famous and historical civilization who found it challenging to fit into society. There room both famous and also historical civilization who every excelled in their liked fields. The is beautifully illustrated and starts v an arrival to Quinn, who defines what that feels like to be different from others- come be, in fact, autistic.The famous world include Albert Einstein, Andy Warhol, sir Isaac Newton and also gives quick pen portraits of their lives, obstacles they encountered and their achievements.The book is written v children between the eras of eight and twelve years in mind, and could it is in a useful source for explaining some of the impacts of autism and also the feeling of no fitting in or belonging.It offers great role models and will encourage those children with low self-esteem, the they, too, have the right to achieve an excellent things.