The second sequel come the mold-making activity film Die tough brings Detective man McClane (Bruce Willis) to brand-new York City to confront a much better villain than in Die difficult 2. Play by Jeremy Irons, he"s the brother of the germanic terrorist-thief Alan Rickman played in the initial film. However this bad guy has actually his sights collection higher: ~ above the commonwealth Reserve"s cache of gold. Together a distraction, he sets McClane to run fool"s errands all over new York--and eventually, McClane attracts an unintended partner, a Harlem dried cleaner (Samuel L. Jackson) through a chip on his shoulder. Some an excellent action sequences, despite they can"t obscure the rather big plot holes in the film"s final 45 minutes. --Marshall well

Simon: together I was going to St. Ives? / ns met a man with seven wives. / Every wife had actually seven sacks, / Every sack had actually seven cats, / Every cat had actually seven kittens. / Kittens, cats, sacks, wives, / How plenty of were going come St. Ives?

John McClane: Look ns fail you cover mine ass. You fail ns cover her ass!

Zeus: and also if we both fail?

John McClane: then were both f***ed!

John McClane: I"ll tell you what your trouble is, girlfriend don"t favor me because you"re a racist!

Zeus: What?

John McClane: You"re a racist! girlfriend don"t favor me due to the fact that I"m white!

Zeus: i don"t like you due to the fact that you"re going to obtain me *killed*!

Zeus: Didn"t ns hear you speak you didn"t even like your brother?

Simon: There"s a difference between not liking one"s brother and also not caring once some dumb irish flatfoot drops him the end of a window.

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Zeus: Ain"t no riddle gonna fix this motherf***er?

Simon: No riddle, no code, no fancy small countdown.

Zeus: You famous in L.A. Or something?

John McClane: Yeah, for about five minutes.

Zeus: Don"t tell me. Rodney King, right?

John McClane: girlfriend know just how to fire among these?

Zeus: No.

John McClane: No?

Zeus: Hey, every brothers don"t know how to use guns, you racist motherf***er.

FBI agent: have actually you been followed at all throughout the last few days? any kind of suspicious phone calls? any type of kind of security at all? Anything?

John McClane: Well, now that you point out it, ns have, kind of, been emotion this burn sensation in between my toes.

Simon: You just interfered through a really well to adjust plan.

Zeus: Well, you deserve to stick that well laid arrangement in her well set ass.

Zeus: forgive me, I should use the phone.

Businessman: usage the other one.

Zeus: Sir, please. I should use the phone.

Businessman: Hey, listen, bro, i was below first.

Zeus: Bro? gain away from the goddamn phone!

Zeus: Now, where room you goin"?

Raymond: come school.

Zeus: Why?

Dexter: To get educated.

Zeus: Why?

Raymond: for this reason we have the right to go come college.

Zeus: and also why is that important?

Raymond: To obtain a-spected.

Zeus: RE-spect. Currently who room the bad guys?

Raymond: guys who market drugs.

Dexter: males who have guns.

Zeus: and also who space the an excellent guys?

Raymond: We"re the great guys.

Zeus: so who"s gonna assist us?

Dexter: Nobody.

Zeus: so who"s gonna assist us?

Raymond: We"re gonna aid ourselves.

Zeus: and who execute we not want to assist us?


Zeus: What the f*** space you doin"?

John McClane: Interrogatin" him.

Zeus: Well, what"s the gonna phone call you, "I"m dead"?

John McClane: Well, i ain"t gonna know "til i ask him, to be I?

John McClane: Hey, partner!

Zeus: i ain"t her partner. Ns ain"t her neighbor, your brother, or your friend. I"m your full stranger.

Simon: I want you and also the Samaritan at the edge of 72nd and Broadway in fifteen minutes. You understand?

John McClane: Yeah, i understand. I understand that you"re a f***ing wacko that likes to play kids" games.

Simon: Hardly.

John McClane: Hardly? well what have you got against me anyway? What walk I bring you in for? Shoplifting? Purse-snatching?

John McClane: Cross-dressing?

Simon: you c... C... Couldn"t c... C... Catch me if ns stole her ch... Ch... Chair with you in it!

John McClane: mine ch... Ch... Chair through me in it? fine Simon, why are you trying to k... K... K... Kill me?

John McClane: You know this man Simon we"re talk to?

Zeus: Yeah.

John McClane: ns threw his small brother off the thirty-second floor that Nakatomi Towers out in L.A. I guess he"s a small pissed in ~ me.

Zeus: You mean to tell me the I"m recorded up in every this sh*t due to the fact that some white cop threw some white a**hole"s brothers off a roof?

John McClane: girlfriend can"t perform it that means you dumb, motherf***ing...!

Zeus: speak it! to speak it!

John McClane: say what?

Zeus: You to be going to call me a n*gger, weren"t you?

John McClane: No ns wasn"t!

Zeus: Yes friend were! What were you gonna call me?

John McClane: A**hole! How"s that, a**hole!

Simon: Said an easy Simon come the pieman going come fair, "Give me her pies... Or I"ll cavern your head in."

John McClane: friend know, you"re the first woman because Holly to view me carry out this.

Connie Kowalski: I"m honored...

John McClane: Yeah, so to be she.

Zeus: See, i told you Park journey was jammed!

John McClane: i didn"t say through Park Drive.

John McClane: I said through the park.

Zeus: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! I"m not going anywhere.

Inspector Cobb: Simon says you gained to go.

Zeus: I"m no jumping with hoops for part psycho! That"s a white man, v white problems. You resolve it. Contact me as soon as he the cross 110th Street.

Inspector Cobb: We"ll be back to pick you increase in fifteen minutes.

John McClane: Take your time. I expect to be dead in four.

Simon: Is over there a lieutenant called McClane there?

Inspector Cobb: He"s ~ above suspension.

Simon: No, Arthur, he"s not. Not today.

Inspector Cobb: who is this?

Simon: contact me Simon. I desire to play a game.

Inspector Cobb: What kind of game?

Simon: "Simon Says". Simon is going to tell Lt. McClane what come do, and Lt. McClane is walk to carry out it. Noncompliance will an outcome in a penalty.

Inspector Cobb: What kind of penalty?

Simon: Another big bang in a an extremely public place.

Simon: Where room my pigeons now?

Inspector Cobb: Pigeons?

Simon: I had two pigeons, bright and gay, fly for me the various other day. Why is that they did go? You cannot tell, you execute not know.

Inspector Cobb: You typical McClane?

Simon: No, I average Santa Claus.

John McClane: The just thing better than blowing up $100 billion worth of gold is making people think girlfriend did.

John McClane: you know exactly how to hot-wire this thing?

Zeus: of course i can, I"m one electrician. Only problem is...

Zeus: takes too f***in" long.

Simon: Yesterday us were an army with no country, tomorrow we should decide which nation we want to buy!

Ricky Walsh: Next, fourteen dumptrucks stolen from a yard in Staten Island. Fourteen! Jesus! Somebody starting a building and construction company?

Joe Lambert: No, it"s John"s landlady - gonna clean up his apartment.

John McClane: You know that bomb I said they discovered up in Harlem?

Zeus: Yeah, what around it?

John McClane: Well, I kind of lied. They discovered it down in Chinatown.

Zeus: five that"s short man.

Zeus: Wait a minute, wait a minute, it"s a trick! i forgot about the man.

John McClane: Man? What man? F*** the man! I got ten secs here!

Zeus: The riddle begins, "As ns was going to St. Ives, i met a man with seven wives!"

John McClane: So?

Zeus: So, the guy and also his wives aren"t walking anywhere.

John McClane: What room they doing?

Zeus: sit in the f***ing road! waiting on the moors! just how the hell have to I know?

Zeus: Morning.

John McClane: great morning.

Zeus: You having a nice day, sir? You emotion alright? not to gain too personal, however a white guy standing in the middle of Harlem put on a sign that claims "I hate n*ggers" has actually either got some serious an individual issues, or not all his dogs are barking.

Zeus: Hey! I"m talking to you! currently you"ve got around ten seconds before those guys see you, and also when they do they will certainly kill you perform you understand? You"re around to have actually a really bad day.

John McClane: phone call me around it.

Inspector Cobb: just how is that?

Officer Jane: nothing wrong v him a shower wouldn"t cure. Beer is usually taken internally, John.

Dr. Schiller: Yes ns was saying that we"re dealing with a megalomaniacal personality with feasible paranoid schizo...

John McClane: Hey, hey! just how "bout you simply skip under to the component where friend tell me what the f*** this has to do v me.

Joe Lambert: that the hell would desire to blow up Bonwit?

Connie Kowalski: go you see a woman miss out on a shoes sale?

Zeus: Is this a black-sh*t again?

John McClane: Hey will certainly you stop that racial sh*t? room you a f***in" locksmith or not?

Zeus: Why carry out you keep calling me "Jesus"? perform I watch Puerto Rican come you?

John McClane: Guy ago there referred to as you "Jesus".

Zeus: he didn"t say "Jesus". That said, "Hey, Zeus!" My surname is Zeus.

John McClane: Zeus?

Zeus: Yeah, Zeus. Together in dad of Apollo? Mt. Olympus? Don"t f*** v me or I"ll shove a lightning bolt up her ass? Zeus! You obtained a difficulty with that?

Mathias Targo: I see you all day, little man, policeman...

Mathias Targo: ...and you don"t walk away.

John McClane: I"m choose that f***ing Energizer bunny.

Charles Weiss: 6 booby traps, four dead ends, "and a Patridge in a pear tree." Okay, honey. Let"s dance.

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