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Diana L. Terry was a judge on the Colorado Court the Appeals. She offered from 2006 come 2021.

Gov. Bill Owens (R) appointed terry to the court ~ above July 5, 2006. She was maintained by voters in 2008 and also again in 2016.<1> terry retired on July 7, 2021.<2>


Terry earned she B.A. From Rutgers College, graduating in 1979 through high honors, highest departmental distinction, and also Phi Beta Kappa. She earned her J.D. Indigenous Rutgers college of Law-Newark in 1984.<3>


Terry started her legitimate career together a legislation clerk for Chancery division of brand-new Jersey superior Court Presiding referee Robert Tarleton. She remained in private exercise from 1985 come 2006 v the regulation firms that Sherman & Howard; Moye, Giles, O’Keefe, Vermeire & Gorrell; McElroy, Deutsch & Mulvaney; legislation Office that Diana Terry; and also White & Steele. Terry"s practice concentrated on complex commercial legal action of pundit property, computer technology, genuine estate, and insurance coverage matters.<3>

Awards and also associations


yearly Judicial Award, Colorado Women’s Bar combination (2013) Colorado SuperLawyer, 5280 magazine (2006)


As that July 2021, terry belonged come the complying with associations:

Faculty, national Institute because that Trial Advocacy Member and also past president, The regulation Club the Denver management Denver course of 2005 Member and also past president, Thompson G. Wetland American Inn that Court Fellow, American Bar foundation Member, Colorado Bar combination Member, Denver Bar association Fellow, Colorado Bar structure Member, nationwide Association of ladies Judges Member, Colorado Women’s Bar Association



Judge terry filed to was standing for retention in 2016.<4>

Election resultsNovember 8 basic election
Diana terrycloth was kept in the Colorado Court that Appeals, Terry"s seat election v 67.06% of the vote.
Colorado Court the Appeals, Terry"s seat, 2016
NameYes votes
Diana Terry
Source: Colorado Secretary the State official Certified Results

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