Diana Hopper is a well-known American actress. Diana Hopper is famed for her lead role as Denise McBride in “Goliath”.

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Table of Biography

Early Life

Diana Hopper was born top top February 25, 1993, and is currently 28 years old. She was born in Memphis, Tennessee, unified States, and therefore is American through nationality. Similarly, Diana is native a Christian family and also her zodiac sign is Pisces. Similarly, she ethnicity is Caucasian.

Talking about her parents, over there is no specific information regarding her parents. Diana has actually never talked on this topic. She desires to save her life private and also secret.


Moving towards her educational details, details information is not easily accessible at the moment. She has actually never mutual her school and college names. However, follow to online sources, Diana perfect her exhilaration course in new York City.


Enhancing her favorite things and also hobbies, Diana is a fan of actor Tom Cruise and actress Mila Kunis. Similarly, she loves come eat apologize pie and also sushi. In addition, Diana loves traveling, shopping, styling, playing guitar, and also singing in her recreation time. Her favourite colors room green, yellow, and black and also her dream holiday destinations are Canada and Austria. Additionally, Diana is currently residing in Los Angeles, California, because of her acting job.

Professional Life and Career

Diana made her debut in the entertainment sector with the small duty of Alexis in the brief movie “Two Weeks to Life” in 2011. ~ that, she has actually been showing up in a variety of Tv series and movies. Some of the TV series in i beg your pardon Diana has appeared are “Criminal Minds” (2013), “Stevie TV” (2013), “Casual” (2016), and “Goliath” (2016-2019). Goliath is one award-winning TV collection and her duty as Denise McBride is likewise the many recognizable function of Diana.


Caption: Diana in her role in Goliath Season 2 (source: awardsdaily.com)

Along through this, Diana has additionally played several movies. Some of them space “End of the World” (2013), “Earthfall” (2015), ” Lavalantula” (2015), and also many more. Apart from this, Diana has likewise appeared in short movies and videos such together “In the Shadows” (2012), drops Cabin” (2013), “Kenzie (2015, “Punked” (2016), “Shooting in Vain” (2018), and also many others.

Net Worth and Achievements

Diana is a talented actress and therefore has actually earned a kind amount of money. Follow to online sources, she had a net worth the $430,000 united state dollars and also a monthly value of $45k-$62k in 2019. However, Diana hasn’t shared her recent net worth and salary through the media.

To date, Diana hasn’t winner any huge awards however has worked in the award-winning TV series. Diana is a increasing star and it is certain that she will certainly win part awards soon.

Relationship Status

Diana Hopper is in a long-distance connection with Alex Russell. Alex is a famous US-based actor finest known for his functions in TV shows and also movies. Together per the media, Diana and also Alex began dating in 2015. The couple has been seen with each other in various award shows. Likewise, the duo is enjoying each other’s company. However, lock haven’t revealed anything about their engagement and also marriage. The couple doesn’t have children to date.

In addition, there is no information about Diana’s previous relationships.

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Caption: Diana with her boyfriend Alex (source: wikibio.us)

Body Measurements and social media


Caption: Diana posing for a photoshoot (source: 6b33.net)

When it comes to her society media handles, Diana is energetic on Instagram and Facebook. She has a Facebook page with over 12k followers. Similarly, Diana also has a personal Instagram account wherein she has over 18k followers. Diana wants to keep her life secret and as such her pictures and also videos on Instagram space private.