Fixing the Broken Awoken Talisman and embarking on The Key of Light and Darkness quest are all part of the Destiny 2 experience.

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Destiny 2 The Key of Light And Darkness Featured Image
Even when you complete an entire questline in Destiny 2, the game still makes it a point to leave you with at least one thread to keep you hooked in and playing. One of these threads is an Awoken Talisman that's tied to the Forsaken expansion.

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A Key of Light and Darkness is one of the strangest quests in Destiny 2, but not because of the quest's objectives or story. This quest has changed multiple times throughout Destiny 2's lifespan, being decoupled from the Wish-Ender Exotic quest and the Dreaming City altogether. While there isn't much reason to embark on this quest, there is a fantastic story mission you get to experience if you can brave through this quest's vague objectives. We'll be going over how to complete this quest, repair the Awoken Talisman, and clear up some common misconceptions about this quest.

Updated July 30th, 2021, by Charles Burgar: Arguably the most confusing quest in Destiny 2, A Key to Light and Darkness has been changed multiple times since its original release in Forsaken. It isn't required to enter the Dreaming City anymore, and this quest is no longer a pre-requisite for the Wish-Ender quest. We've updated this guide to clear up some common misconceptions about this quest. For those looking to play this quest, we've also updated each quest step to make it much easier to follow.

If you just want a quest guide, skip to the next section. This section is meant to clear up the immense amount of confusion surrounding this quest and its ties to obtaining Wish-Ender, a bow linked heavily to the Cursebreaker title.

Is This Quest Tied To Forsaken?

Yes. Petra Venj is supposed to give it to you in the Tangled Shore near the end of Forsaken's campaign. If she doesn't give you the talisman, you can claim it from the Quest Archive Kiosk in the Tower.

What's the Reward For This Quest?

Nothing. The Wish-Ender quest is separate from this one. Play this quest if you want to experience the "A Hum of Starlight" story mission, an introduction to the Dreaming City and its Ascendant Plane.

Do I Need The Talisman To Enter The Dreaming City?


Didn't Bungie Remove The Awoken Talisman Altogether?

They removed the Balanced Awoken Talisman. Update 2.6.1 removed the talisman from player inventories, decoupling its connection to the Dreaming City. The Wish-Ender quest was then moved to Petra Venj in the Dreaming City, requiring players to speak to her in order to start it.

Beyond Light changed this somewhat. A Quest Kiosk was added to the Tower that brought back many old quests from previous years, one of them being The Key of Light and Darkness. The Wish-Ender quest was also moved here.

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Destiny 2 Quest Archive Kiosk Location
Destiny 2: Beyond Light completely changed how you start this quest. You'll find the quest in the Quest Archive Kiosk in the Tower. It's directly left of the Postmaster.