Acetone (fingernail-polish remover) has a thickness of 0.7857 g/cm3.what is the volume of what is the volume in milliliters of 7.64 g of acetone?


Density is defined as the mass current in per unit volume that a substance.

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Mathematically, density =

It is given that density is 0.7857 and also mass is 7.64 g. Therefore, calculate the volume as follows.

thickness =

0.7857 =

volume =


It is well-known that 1 = 1 ml.

Therefore, we have the right to conclude the volume in ml of offered acetone is 9.72 ml.

Answer : The mass of acetone will certainly be, 10.26 grams.

Explanation :

Density : that is defined as the mass consisted of per unit volume.

Formula supplied for density :

Given :

Density of acetone =


Volume = 13.06 mL

Now put all the offered values in the above formula, we acquire the mass of acetone.



Therefore, the massive of acetone will certainly be, 10.26 grams.

Mass that acetone = 13.246902 g




Mass = thickness × Volume

Volume = 16.86 mL

1 mL =


Volume = 16.86 mL = 16.86 cm^3

Mass = thickness × Volume



Hope this help you.

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To know the fixed of the acetone we have to multiply the volume that the acetone with its density. But due to the fact that the volume is in ml units and the thickness is in g/cm3. We must convert it firstsince 1 ml = 1 cm3so massive acetone = 13.06 mL (0.7857 g/ml)mass acetone = 10.848 g

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