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If you’ve met a man that you’re into but he’s exhilaration oddly in some methods there deserve to be a simple explanation:

You’re his an initial girlfriend.

It might sound unlikely however not everyone has past relationship experience.

The reason it problem is simple:

A guy who’s never had a partner prior to is going to behave quite in different way from an experienced guy.

And if you recognize these 21 indicators a guy has never had a girlfriend climate you’ll have the ability to understand much more about why that acts how he does and also how to respond effectively.

Here we go…

The peak 21 signs a guy has actually never had actually a girlfriend


1) he is intensely right into you native the very start

Many guys who have not yet had a girlfriend are clingy.

They will text you constantly and also be an extremely intense with their affection.

If he is intensely right into you native the really start and also fantasizing around all kinds of future plans prior to he even knows you, then possibilities are he hasn’t had a severe girlfriend before.

Why do I speak that?

Because if he’d had a lengthy relationship in the past, he’d understand to take it it slow and also hold his horses before he drops for you totally in the an initial week she together.

2) He’s negative at talking around your relationship

Granted, this is far from only being an problem with guys who’ve never had a girlfriend. Yet it’s especially usual in men who haven’t.

And it’s among the best signs a guy has never had actually a girlfriend:

He just doesn’t know how to communicate well with you about his feelings, her feelings, the relationship, or exactly how to resolve difficulties that come up.

He likewise will normally be unsure about what friend want and get very confused by straightforward situations like as soon as you want more attention, desire some space, or have actually an worry you want to talk about.

Try to be patient and go slow, he’ll learn.

As this write-up in Glamour says, “How execute you feel around us?” strikes fear into his heart. In fact, asking just how he feels around anything makes him want to curly up into a tiny ball top top the couch v his pal Xbox.”

3) he is all-or-nothing top top commitment

A man who’s never had actually a girlfriend watch romance kind of prefer in the movies. He’s either in for the long haul, or he’s acquired no attention in it at all.

And an ext often 보다 not, it’s the latter of the two options. Why?

He doesn’t understand what it takes to fully commit come one person, and the factor is the his hero instinct has actually never been triggered.

If girlfriend haven’t heard of the before, the hero instinct is a new, powerful concept coined by relationship expert James Bauer. Through his substantial research, Bauer revealed that men have actually an inherent desire to please, protect, and also feel valued through the woman they love.

It’s actually ingrained in your DNA – this excellent cost-free video explains much more about exactly how the principle works.

Now, girlfriend don’t need to act choose a damsel in distress to make a guy feel favor a hero. It’s much less complicated than that. Every it bring away is a couple of small alters in the method you permit him into your life, and he’ll never have actually doubts again.

But till a woman that knows just how to create these deep, emotional responses comes along, it’s most likely he’ll always sit ~ above the fence once it involves commitment.

To learn the simple things you can do now to create the hero instinct in her man, watch this an easy and real video.

4. He gets overly dramatic easily

Despite the stereotypes that are out there around women and also their ever-changing emotions, among the height offenders in this classification is in reality a male who has never had actually a girlfriend.

Because he’ll have tendency to it is in unsure exactly how to pace his feelings for you and also approach the connection in a measured way, that will generally react in overly dramatic methods to plain things.

For example, if you cancel a date due to the fact that you should study for an exam, he may start over examining and think he go something wrong, or get in a real sulk.

Think that a man who’s never had actually a relationship choose someone setting out top top a honeymoon:

He’s ready for an excellent times and pure romantic that lives up to his teenage fantasies, and also he deserve to go a bit crazy when real life and ordinary disappointments start intruding.

5) that responds off-key in jarring ways

Some ladies make the mistake of thinking a male is being a player or toying with them once in truth he’s just exceptionally inexperienced.

One the the top indications a guy has actually never had actually a girlfriend is the he responds in off-key methods that confused you.

For example, he may joke during a severe talk in ways that you uncover bizarre or disrespectful, or he may get very serious and moody during things i m sorry are relatively standard for those who’ve been in a relationship, like mentioning your feelings for each other.

This can also come throughout in texting whereby he may write earlier overly rapidly, overuse emojis, hoax at awkward time or connect poorly about an easy things.

He’s not a douche, he is just brand-new at this.

6) He’s no secure in himself

None that us space these picture-perfect Instagram human being who never doubt ourselves. However some the us certainly have constructed up an ext self-confidence and inner stamin than others.

When it pertains to relationships, they will drag out every insecurity and also issue girlfriend have and shine a torchlight ~ above them favor the best detective at a confusing crime scene.

You can not hide. And also that scares a man who’s never had actually a girlfriend since his vulnerabilities and also insecurities are starting to pertained to light.

You’ll quickly notice various means in which his insecurities about your dating begin to show.

Try no to joke around it too lot or it is in insensitive, together this deserve to be a really difficult process for a man who’s new to relationship to open himself up.

There space a many of usual insecurities that numerous men have however it’s essential that they face them.

Counselor Todd Byrd explains that over there are countless reasons countless have insecurities:

“Sometimes it’s associated to a secretive, shameful habits or past, and also sometimes it’s connected to family of beginning patterns once a man prospered up in a location where emotions were not acknowledged or expressed,” Byrd says.

7) he is a bit of one over-planner

A other who hasn’t had a girlfriend before is regularly an over-planner. The will start laying the end charts and also schedules for all kinds of points in the future.

Like ns said, he’s no going to be an extremely skilled at setting up days or knowledge the finer points of romance.

But don’t be surprised if the goes all computer engineer ~ above you and makes a flowchart of your favorite tasks or your next six months together.

In a typical relationship, this can seem borderline creepy or really embarrassing but keep in mind that this is all new to him and he’s just trying come make feeling of the attraction he’s feeling for you and the bond you’re building.

8) He it s okay the jitters like a newlywed


One of the many telling signs a guy has actually never had a girlfriend is once he gets the jitters every the time roughly you.

If she his first girlfriend then points which seem fairly easygoing come you room going to it is in an epic struggle for him.

Should he skinny in and also kiss you or play the cool? Does he ask exactly how your day went or allow you have some space? have to he dress up a little bit or go v the casual look? Is he thinking too much or is over there something large he’s lacking that can be the crucial to keeping you?

For this reason and many more, he’s frequently going to be jittery about you.

It’s no that he no know exactly how he feels around you, it’s that he’s insecure about how to express it!

Mike Hedrick admits the reality at Bolde, note that:

“In the ritual of dating, there are particular things each sex is supposed to do. There space so many tiny considerations that enter these points that we can usually just around drive ourselves crazy thinking around the best method present ourselves and also not chaos it every up. We may seem confident and funny, yet if we execute something wrong, you have the right to bet her ass we’re dice inside.”

9) He’s not considerate of your time

This have the right to be the authorize of males who space players and jerks too, yet it can additionally be among the top indications a guy has never had a girlfriend.

He simply doesn’t know exactly how much is as well much and how much is also little.

He either wants to be your shadow 24/7 and watch you brush your this or he is semi-ghosting friend every few days for no apparent reason.


Because he’s supplied to law what the wants as soon as he wants.

That method if she on his mind a lot — specifically in the at an early stage flowering that your relationship — climate he’s going to be around constantly, but if he’s additionally got lots of other stuff going on he is going to pursue it without reasoning much about the reality that you might feel rather neglected.

Try not to take it personally, he is still being housetrained.

10) he’s the mayor of Friendzone Heights

A guy who has never had actually a girlfriend before is no necessarily “bad” through girls.

He might have an individual issues and insecurities or have focused on other things in his no-girlfriend years, yet there’s likewise a an excellent chance he is simply had a the majority of women in his life as friends.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with men and also women being friends, however being “friend-zoned” is different. That’s once a guy wants to date a girl however she rejects him and also turns him right into her pal instead.

Whether or not it’s mature or also logical, plenty of guys even into your 30s, find being “friend-zoned” to it is in an emasculating experience.

One of the top indicators a guy has actually never had a girl friend is that he has plenty of female friends but they constantly seem to think the him prefer a brother or good buddy, not in any romantic sense.

The connection you have actually is brand-new to him, that’s for sure.

Relationship professional April Masini explains:

“Once you’re completely entrenched in the friend zone, you probably won’t be able to leverage a friendship right into a romantic relationship. A lot of men are afraid of rejection, so come stave off that sting they simply don’t ask she out and instead end up being a girlfriend — a miserable, anxious buddy.”

11) he is an aer Andy

Whether or not his surname is Andy — and odds are it’s most likely not — this male is one Awkward Andy, which method he stumbles over his words, physically stumbles, blushes a lot, and also just seems out of species constantly as soon as he’s with you.

It can acquire a little annoying, and that’s understandable.

You most likely didn’t sign up to clean Orange crush off your boyfriend’s shirt next to a drive-through after he backhands a cup by wrong while reaching to touch you, and also you more than likely never expected to it is in explaining to your ideal friend why your boyfriend parallel parked his auto into her car.

But really…

You have to be flattered. He’s just right into you and also it’s transforming him into a hot mess.

13) he is over-invested in small things

A man who’s never had a girlfriend is generally lacking any feeling of scale.

He will react in ways you might find odd and often come to be over-invested in small things. This has that any kind of distancing or space on your part can an outcome in him coming to be visibly worried, over-texting, and also wondering aloud those wrong.

It can obtain tiring having actually to reassure him over and over and this is one of the large reasons that males who space insecure and also haven’t had actually a girlfriend frequently blow the in the first few weeks of meeting someone.

14) He’s full of faux pas dating mistakes

When he hasn’t had actually a girlfriend prior to he does points you may discover funny, prefer offering you beer or whiskey rather of wine once you’re out.

Or he might ask about your last connection on the first date or get into his deep enthusiasm for painting Warhammer miniatures without realizing that this will put many new mates off for good.

He’s not exactly dumb, it’s just that that doesn’t know much about what’s agree on a day or not.

Josh Chesler writes:

“Guys do some really dumb stuff, an especially when around a woman they like. Do too many stupid mistakes while still in the courting process can finish a relationship prior to it had time to obtain off the ground. And that happens all too often in today’s world.”

Forgive him, that knows no what he does.

15) he is a correct man

Have you ever seen the 2008 comedy Yes guy starring Jim Carrey? the pretty funny.

What’s not as funny is when your new boyfriend is a yes man. He just agrees through anything you say or suggest and it starts come feel choose you’re just shouting right into a void.

Any selections he defers to you, any questions he tends to price in as couple of words together possible, or states “yeah, sure.”

What’s happening right here is that this guy is fear of losing you since he’s more down the path to romance 보다 he’s ever before been.

So he simply says yes come everything. Let him understand that it’s not working and also encourage that to it is in a little more forthright.

16) He’s not a master chef


In fact, he’s not even able come whip up a bit of macaroni and cheese. Has actually this male ever even cooked for himself?

You might be wondering. And also rightly so.

One of the top indications of a male who’s never remained in a serious relationship is that he may have very basic or nonexistent food preparation skills.

This is whereby the funny starts:

Give him a perform of ingredients and tell him you’re looking front to his master development on Friday night.

17) he is all about guy stuff

It’s good that he has actually interests and hobbies of his own, yet if he’s totally cocooned in guy-oriented activities you have the right to bet the he’s a newbie come the girl friend game.

If he spends most of his time hunting and fishing climate there’s much less chance he’s running across accessible women.

Obviously some gals like activities like that as well, however chances room if he’s really into “guy stuff” then it’s among the reasons he hasn’t yes, really branched out and also met someone one-of-a-kind yet.

18) Your hints go method over his head

Whether she trying to hint come him that you’re in the the atmosphere or provide him a authorize that you desire to leaving a party, he’s about as clueless together humanly possible.

He misses clues you may feel room obvious. But they’re not evident to him.

His user manual for a girlfriend basically amounts to: be nice, tell her she’s pretty, kiss.

You should update his software and also let him know that the modern-day relationship has a little much more to it 보다 that.

19) that loves video games

There’s nothing wrong v a great video game and a cup the wine.

Trying to beat the very same level over and also over can get exhausting yet it additionally brings its own special emotion of triumph as soon as you gain past!

But gift a video game whiz is additionally one that the main indicators a guy has never had a girlfriend.

It can be frustrating and communication is key.

As jone Orlando notes:

“More balance have the right to only be achieved by talking with guys to understand the social and entertainment worth they obtain from them. And men and also boys need to reflect on just how their interests impact on their non-gamer love ones. This is the beginning point for emerging win-win outcomes.”

20) He’s very focused on himself

There’s a difference in between an egotist and also a first-timer. The egotist chooses to constantly put himself first and downplay the validity and also experiences of those about him.

The first-timer barely realizes he is doing it since he’s never well-known different.

You may wonder why that didn’t find out to be much more considerate or focused on others cultivation up, in school, or while play on sports teams.

That’s a precious question.

But the reality remains that being an extremely into himself and also unused to considering the perspectives and also feelings that others over his own is among the best signs a guy has actually never had a girlfriend.

21) He has actually unrealistic or faint ideas around the future

As i wrote, guys who haven’t had a girlfriend prior to tend to be all-or-nothing top top commitment and also the future. They likewise tend come have reasonably unrealistic or uncertain ideas about the future.

They might say “I nothing know” when asked what lock envision one day with a companion or miscellaneous wishy-washy choose “a happy family and wife, i guess, kinda.”


Don’t take this to love or gain discouraged, however, it’s simply his inexperience and insecurity talking.

What to perform if she his an initial girlfriend


First, nothing panic! This can be a beautiful thing if friend let it develop naturally and move slow.

Everyone has actually a very first time and also it can be a wonderful suffer where girlfriend will grow as well.

Even if you’ve had actually a few boyfriends in the past, this guy’s innocence and also lack of date experience deserve to actually be a plus.

And now you know around the hero instinct, which I pointed out above, you’ve acquired nothing to lose and also everything to gain from a connection with him.

By being the mrs to trigger these natural desires, you’ll allow him the possibility to step up and also be the man you need. Not to mention, the man he’s always wanted to be – a hero.

And the ideal part?

It’s a success for both of you – he feels fulfilled and also secure in the relationship, and you have actually a partner who’ll go above and past for you.

What more could you want?

Click right here to learn much more about the hero instinct.

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The video reveals the an easy texts you have the right to send and also things you have the right to say to trigger this really natural instinct in your man.