"Taylor Swift just gets me," is somepoint I"ve told anyone who will certainly listen over the previous 2 days. It"s no trick that Swift"s new album 1989 is her ideal yet and also on Tuesday, the singer announced that "Blank Space" is 1989 "s second single. Which is good news and also better proof that T Swift and also I are associated on an extremely high level, considering "Blank Space" is the finest song on 1989 and also my individual favorite. (Seriously, if you hear someone muttering, "Darling, I"m a nightmare dressed choose a daydream" under their breath as they walk by, it"s more than likely me.) But aside from being perfect, there"s something interesting going on in this song — "Blank Space" paints Swift as an off-her-rocker date/girlfriend. Which entirely can"t be the instance, right?

I intend, this is the very same T Swift that hangs out through her cats, bakes cookies, is obsessed through Tumblr, and clearly binge-watches TV during her days off (her cats are named Olithrough Benchild and Meredith Grey — don"t attempt to tell me she hasn"t checked out an SVU marathon). That doesn"t necessarily analyze to a kind-of predatory, emotionally unsteady woman that"s constantly waiting for the various other shoe to drop and also believes that males just choose love as soon as it harms. Right?

Hence, I feel the need to explain what my dear imaginary BFF really indicates once she sings about her exes calling her "insane."

"You look like my following mistake/ Love’s a game, want to play?"

Explanation: This is Swift in the dairy area of her regional Gristedes. It"s also shortly for holiday-flavored non-dairy creamer, yet she can not assist it. She"s so in love and also she can"t sheight.

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"So it’s gonna be forever/ Or it’s gonna go down in flames"

Explanation: Swift"s a good baker, however is she a chef? She"s absolutely singing about the opportunity of accidentally burning her brand-new NYC apartment down by acquiring as well excited through these housewarming gifts.

"You deserve to tell me as soon as it’s over/ If the high was worth the pain"

Explanation: What Swift"s actually talking around below is not romance spiked via pain, yet a frifinish or potential date"s first time at SoulCycle. She lives in NYC currently, she"s going to start hitting that place up on the continual any kind of day now.

"Got a long list of ex-lovers/ They’ll tell you I’m insane"

Explanation: What specifically does "insane" mean? Since my boyfrifinish calls me "insane" every one of the moment bereason I love our cats so a lot (yes, I have actually two — Taylor and I are spirit sisters). It"s no trick that Swift loves her cats even more than anypoint and also for non-cat females, that might be understood as "insane."

"It’ll leave you breathless/ Or with a nasty scar"

Explanation: Not around love, just the high stakes of throwing caution to the wind and also actually going dvery own a Slip"n"Slide. Swift"s such an old soul, dareevil one decisions favor this are difficult for her to make.

"Find out what you want/ Be that girl for a month"


Explanation: Obviously this is around Swift joining Tumblr, realizing that someone wanted her to be this "Becky" perboy, and also joining in on the joke for lengthy sufficient to have actually a t-shirt made. But at the one-month point, she"s going back to being consistent, old T Swift. So don"t gain any type of principles.

"Wait the worst is yet to come, oh no/ Screaming, crying, perfect storm/ I can make all the tables turn"

Explanation: Swift"s not talking around herself below, she"s talking around you when she unexpectedly whoops your ass at pool. Oh how the tables revolve when she hits that difficult trick shot.

"Rose gardens filled through thorns/ Keep you second guessing like/ "Oh my God, who is she?""

Explanation: The Web is a starray area — it"s so wonderful, till people actually start reasoning you"re "Becky" IRL.

"I acquire drunk on jealousy"

Explanation: We"re just hearing this all wrong — Swift"s actually singing, "I acquire drunk on whi-is-key," around that one time she day-drank and also cooked via Ina Garten.

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"But you’ll come earlier each time you leave/ "Causage darling I’m a nightmare dressed like a daydream"

Explanation: No, she"s not your nightmare. This is simply one of those "I can"t even"-choose exaggerations. Swift"s really just (unnecessarily) apologizing for exactly how she looks as soon as she wakes up in the morning (probably after a day of drinking with Ina) bereason she generally looks so perfect.