I am trying to get ago to the undead asylum but when I"m in the crows nest nothing happens. My guy simply sits there in a ball. Any kind of idea why? I"ve looked across YouTube and only discovered videos of world being picked up through no actual explanation regarding if I need anything else.

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how much into the game are you? are you sitting over there long enough for it to actually an alert you? I recognize i satellite there for about 30-40 seconds. Yet I had rung the 2nd bell already.


The very first time you carry out it, you need to stay curled up for fairly a while before she picks you up. After that she"ll take you the prompt you curl up.


I"m not certain if over there are any type of prerequisites in ~ all because I simply curled up right into a ball and also he have to pick you increase 30 secs after. It"s feasible that it might only be obtainable if you"re higher then a particular level (I was about 40+ in ~ the time). After that you deserve to go earlier and fourth without waiting.

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To be honest I have actually no idea how far I am right into the game. The last ceo I eliminated was the Gaping Dragon and also I"m totally stumped as to my direction. I"ve put 25 hours onto the video game so far and I have only dealt with like 3 bosses. I didn"t also ring the second bell since I have no idea wherein it is. (Don"t phone call me I desire to discover it on mine own!) and I sat in the nest for a an excellent minute or two, exactly how to you get him come "notice" you?

xyzygy: i don"t think it took more than a minutes... Perhaps you are under level? i went over there after ringing the second bell

I dunno. I went ago almost instantly after ringing the very first bell. The took about 30 or so seconds for the crow to pick me up the very first time. Just try restarting your video game or something, maybe it simply glitched out temporarily.

nohthink: Well, i assume it"s a she because of the eggs (it"s the only bird close to them, which suggests that it"s the mother), however I assumption: v there"s no means to be 100% sure.

i was around lvl 50 after deafeating Ornstein and also Smough i made decision to go back there no take long for the bird to choose me up