Has anyone else noticed how comparable the Rite of Avowal is come Linking the Fire? If the production of every bonfires is the very same for the production of the bonfire in ~ the first Flame, then could background be repeating it's self? The plot of developing a bonfire, and likely the action of creating the first bonfire is come thrust the coiled sword into the body of a dead human. Exactly how odd that the Rite that Avowal mirrors this so closely. This Rite, or Ritual, when an initial done by lord Gwyn connected the very first Flame to Humanity, and also thus created the Curse the the Undead that brands people with the Dark Sign. There's an additional connection. The Linking of the Fire has a straight relation to the Dark Sign, and the Rite of Avowal has actually a direct connect to the Dark Sigil. Both of them likewise directly relate come Hollowing, and also humanity. Is it feasible that preforming the Rite the Avowal could perhaps mean more than we right now know? maybe linking the Dark Sigil come humans and undead, rather than the Dark Sign?

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This Rite, or Ritual, when first done by mr Gwyn connected the very first Flame to Humanity, and also thus produced the Curse the the Undead the brands people with the Dark Sign.

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The flame was always linked to humanity. The Dark soul was uncovered in it, along with the other three lord Souls.

Gwyn didn't develop the Curse the the Undead by linking the fire. Undead existed before then. Brand-new Londo to be an Undead city, and the 4 Kings of brand-new Londo were provided shards of his lord Soul when he departed to connect the fire. Undead predate the very first Sin/first linking the the fire.

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I agree the the Rite that Avowal is very comparable to creating a bonfire, in the sense that you are stabbing a blade into an Undead. With bonfires that is Undead bones because that kindling; v the Rite the is one Undead rendered still through everything mechanism Londor has figured out, but still alive together we view Anri in the ending.

The Dark Sigil is nothing but a hole in the facade that is "being Unkindled." Unkindled have the Dark Sign and also are Undead, but being failure Lords the Cinder has bound them closer come Fire and prevented their Hollowing in ~ the expense of no much longer being truly human being (and thus they have the right to die, or at the very least spend lengthy periods that suspended computer animation in graves). They are the ideal Gwyn was seeking once he "banished Dark and all that stemmed native humanity."