The male who developed crosses because that the October 1 las Vegas shooting victims , and also many others roughly the country, has actually been given weeks to live.

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Susie Zanis, Greg Zanis" daughter, states her dad has 4 to six weeks to live after gift diagnosed v terminal cancer.Recent story from

Greg Zanis has actually been trying to provide peace to those in need with his handmade memorials for over 20 years. He has actually traveled over 800K miles setup up the handmade crosses for those who have tragically died.

White crosses honor shooting victims at ras Vegas" top entry authorize

Greg Zanis announced his retirement in 2019 , as claimed his the cross for accident ministry was beginning to take it a personal and financial toy fee on him.

He has touched many lives v his crosses, making more than 27,000 of them to commemorate victims of mass shootings throughout the country.

Susie Zanis has been giving updates on she father"s problem through a GoFundMe account that has been collection up to aid the household cover several of the supposed funeral expenses. She has actually used the platform to upgrade Greg Zanis" condition.


Amid the pandemic, the family shared a visitation setup for those wanting to display support to Greg Zanis, who has come to be known together the cross man.

Susie Zanis composed that supporters would have the ability to thank Greg Zanis with a drive-by visitation on might 1 from 2 p.m. To 4 p.m. At his Aurora house in Illinois. He will certainly be close to the prior window, and the family will read the messages to him.


Many have wanted come visit, yet they haven"t been able to v coronavirus stay-at-home orders, according to Susie Zanis, and also a friend suggested the visitation plans.

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Greg Zanis established the nonprofit the cross for Losses and also revisited ras Vegas in 2018 and also 2019 to remember those lost in the tragic shoot on las Vegas Boulevard.

KTNV"s Jordan Gartner first reported this story.