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This year’s country Crossings Music Festival — the second to be organized at the Expo — attributes headliners Cole Swindell, Alan Jackson, Brad Paisley and Eric Church top top the state-of-the-art key Stage, and local and also up-and-coming performers ~ above the Boxcar stage inside 7 Feathers occasion Center.

“We’re excited about our second year in Jackson County,” states Anne Hankins, president of Willamette nation Concerts. “Country Crossings Music Festival and Southern Oregon were created each other.”

The festival kicks off Thursday, July 26, and runs through Sunday, July 29. The Expo is 1 Peninger Road, central Point.

VIP and premium basic admission tickets, and RV spaces, have the right to be purchased in ~ Front row single-day admission, single-day basic admission, child admission, camping passes, pit passes and festival quick passes also are available. VIP and also handicapped parking are offered out.

Festival entrances open in ~ noon Thursday, 10 a.m. Friday through Sunday. Main Stage entrances open at 2 p.m. Thursday, 1 p.m. Friday, 11 a.m. Saturday, and also noon Sunday.

Concert organizers look at such components as demographics when choosing headliners and other performers to play country Crossings festivals.

“It’s more of a creative process because that us,” Hankins says. “We look in ~ which artists room trending, which ones we feel will be large players following year, or coming out with new music. Cole Swindell is just one of the hottest plot in country music best now.”

Georgia-born Swindell has two studio albums on the Warner Bros. Records Nashville label, a self-titled album (2014) and also “You should Be Here” (2016). Seven of his singles charted among the top 5 the Hot nation Songs and Country Airplay. His newest, “All of It,” is set for release Aug. 17.

Swindell will execute at 8 p.m. Thursday at the music festival in main Point. Country pop singer and also songwriter Tyler Rich opens the present at 4 p.m.; Brett Young at 6 p.m.

Also native Georgia, nation singer and also songwriter Jackson — recognized for his mix the honky-tonk and mainstream country sounds — will carry out on the main Stage in ~ 9 p.m. Friday. Jackson was inducted right into the nation Music room of Fame last year by Loretta Lynn, the very first lady of nation music. He was inducted into the Nashville Songwriters room of call this year. Jackson has nearly two dozen albums come his credit, together with two Grammys, 16 nation Music association awards and 17 Academy of nation Music awards, amongst others.

Country crooner Adam Doleac opens up the display at 3 p.m.; Arkansas singer and also songwriter Ashley McBryde performs in ~ 5 p.m.; and also vocal and also guitar duo brothers Osborne, who released “Port Saint Joe” ~ above the EMI Nashville label in April, play at 7 p.m.

Traditional nation artist Paisley blasted top top the nationwide music scene in 1999, through his tune “Who demands Pictures” and also a 2000 appearance in ~ the grand Old Opry.

Paisley and also his tape — The Drama monarchs — carry out at 9 p.m. Saturday. He has a dozen albums come his credit and also countless music awards.

Lacy Cavalier starts things off at 1 p.m. Saturday; brand-new trio Temecula roadway plays in ~ 3 p.m.; singer Neal McCoy performs in ~ 5 p.m.; and singer and also songwriter Dustin Lynch in ~ 7 p.m.

Country artist Church and also his band take the key Stage at 8 p.m. Sunday. Church has actually a long list that gold and platinum albums come his credit, also countless country music awards. His newest album, “Desperate Man,” is set for release in October. The album’s title monitor and an initial single was released July 13.

Brown & Gray perform at 2 p.m. Sunday; Morgan Evans at 4 p.m.; and also Chris Janson in ~ 6 p.m.

California Country, Rogue Valley nation band Fogline, Spencer Crandall and also Ross Ellis do at 2 p.m. Top top the Boxcar phase in seven Feathers occasion Center.

On Friday, California Country, chase Fouraker, Fogline, Parker McCollum, mock Mirenda and also Austin Jenckes perform beginning at 11 a.m. Top top the Boxcar Stage.

Saturday’s performers incorporate Hailey Verhaalen, Julie Rizik, Scott Steven, overcome Atlantic and Lewis Brice, beginning at noon, and Bri Marie, Johnny Young Band, Seaforth and Troy Cartwright perform beginning at noon Sunday.

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Family activities, arts, crafts and also concessions will be obtainable at the Expo. Look for KidZone Entertainment, interactive musical comedy through Cowboy Buck & Elizabeth, a Toddler Zone, face-painting, balloon animals and carnival games.

Singer and also songwriter Brad Paisley is most likely the most celebrated artist performing this weekend at country Crossings Music Festival.