McNuggies is a poorly attracted illustration that McDonald"s character Grimace posing in a seductive manner and also asking the question "What"s wrong, Ronald-kun? could it it is in you"re craving my McNuggies?" presumably in referral to his prominently featured posterior.

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The faster known instance of McNuggies was uploaded ~ above Tumblr by blogger Matt<1> (a.k.a Wolfgang) on march 16th, 2012 whereby it accumulated an ext than 5,000 likes and also reblogs in much less than two weeks. After Matt"s post, the illustration was picked increase a day later by the adult imageboard website Rule34<11> through a user named Decanter. Before the McNuggies post, Matt already created numerous other comparable images using personalities from Tribes<12> and also Homestuck<13>, amongst others.<14> although these every didn"t obtain the same amount the notes together the McNuggies image. "Ronald-kun" mentioned in the photo refers to the Japanese version of McDonald"s personality Donald McDonald.



On in march 26th, YouTuber Sypher782 uploaded a video version<2> paired v a dramatic reading of the quote native the initial illustration. The video clip received over 400 likes 100 comment in the span of a couple of days.

The personality illustration the Grimace easily spread across Tumblr<3><5> and DeviantART<4>, generating dozens that parodies based upon other recognizable characters from video games and cartoons. In the following days, original picture was consequently picked up by internet humor sites choose FunnyJunk<10> and I for this reason Bored.<7> The hoax was particularly well received among the pan of webcomic series Homestuck, spawning numerous parodies based upon the main characters:


In enhancement to the picture and video parodies, solitary topic blogs like "Ronald-kun"<8> and also "What"s dorn Ronald-kun"<9> have sprung up on Tumblr.

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Notable Examples


On YouTube

On may 27th, YouTuber Gamefan15 uploaded another video clip featuring the same image set to the main soundtrack native the 2002 British fear film 28 work Later, which to be previously offered in a short-lived, dramatic video collection known together "What perform You mean You Forgot the Chicken Nuggets." top top April 1st, Newgrounds user Redrik009 posted a quick flash animation<6> featuring miscellaneous close-up shots the Grimace"s butt, paired with the opening of Huey Lewis & The News" 1987 single "Doing It all For my Baby."

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