Some information and pictures pertained to the latest addition to the GW2 gemstore – countless salvage kit referred to as Copper-fed Salvage-o-matic.

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This items is account bound and costs 800 jewel to purchase. It expenses 3 copper per salvage and also does not recover any upgrades native armor and weapons (it does recuperate upgrades, the gemstore summary is wrong). . 10% chance to recover rare crafting mats and also 20% chance to recover upgrades.


Sound results – the salvage kit speaks as soon as you rescue item but there seems to be a 10-15s hold-up before it speak again tp prevent spamming.

Begin-destruction-protocolPower-flow-at-30-percentThis-is-the-only-proper-courseAffirmativeThis-is-most-remarkableNow-I-shall-break-youI-was manufactured-to-the-highest-standardsThrehold-achievedTarget-destroyed

Is it worth it?

Crude rescue kit – 32 copper/15 uses = 2.13 copper per salvage but have 0% possibility to salvage rarely materials.Basic salvage kit – 88 copper/25 provides = 3.52 copper per salvage. Same opportunity to recuperate rare products but also 20% opportunity to give earlier upgrade components.

Also save in mental that straightforward Salvage kits can be purchased because that 77 karma each from a renowned love NPC in Brisban Wildlands beside the Triforge suggest Waypoint – <&BGQAAAA=>



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Thanks for the info around the karma rescue kit. I knew there to be one roughly but couldn’t find the NPC on wiki when I wanted to uncover it eras ago.