Don’t miss the #1 bestselling book Control indigenous radio and TV personality glenn Beck, a passionate, fact-based case for guns that discover why gun regulate isn’t really around controlling weapons at all; it’s around controlling us.When our starting fathers secured the constitutional “right of the civilization to keep and also bear arms,” they also included the admonition the this appropriate SHALL not BE INFRINGED. That is the only time this phrase appears in the invoice of Rights. For this reason why aren’t much more people listening? background has proven that firearms are necessary to self-defense and liberty—but tragedy is a an effective force and also has led numerous to think that guns are the enemy, that the second Amendment is outdated, and that an ext restrictions or outright bans on weapons will somehow settle everything. They are wrong. In Control, valley Beck takes on and also debunks the typical myths and outright lies that are frequently used to vilify guns and demean your owners: The 2nd Amendment is about MUSKETS...GUN control WORKS in other countries...40 percent that all firearms are marketed without background CHECKS...More firearms MEAN an ext MURDER...Mass shootings room becoming more common...These dreadful MASSACRES ARE distinctive TO AMERICA...No CIVILIAN needs a “weapon the war” choose the AR-15...ARMED security in schools perform nothing, simply look in ~ Columbine...Stop FEARMONGERING, nobody is talking around TAKING YOUR weapons AWAY. Donate by thousands of sources, this handbook gives everyone who cares around the 2nd Amendment the indisputable truth they need to reclaim the debate, loss the fear, and take back their natural rights.

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Glenn Beck, the nationally syndicated radio host and also founder the TheBlaze television network, has actually written thirteen #1 bestselling books and is one of the couple of authors in background to have had #1 national bestsellers in the fiction, nonfiction, self-help, and children’s photo book genres. His recent fiction works include the thrillers Agenda 21, The Overton Window, and also its sequel, The Eye that Moloch; his numerous nonfiction titles encompass Conform, Miracles and also Massacres, Control, and also Being George Washington. For much more information about Glenn Beck, his books, and also TheBlaze tv network, visit and

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Table of Contents

Author"s note xiPart 1 The Truth around Guns"It"s Time for America to have actually a Conversation about Guns." 2"We should Start Drafting a invoice to certain Newtown never Happens Again." 2"Guns are Lethal." 3"No One desires to take it Your guns Away." 4"Well, Can"t us at the very least Clarify the second Amendment?" 12"That may Be, yet Even thomas Jefferson wanted the 2nd Amendment to Expire." 13"The united States has actually the highest possible Gun Murder rate in the emerged World." 16"Okay, but the in its entirety U.S. Murder price Is Much greater than various other Wealthy Countries"". 18"But Other countries Have strict Gun Control and also Very couple of Murders." 18"The United says Is distinctive in experiencing from gun Massacres." 28"Then Why room Gun Massacres now Happening much more than ever before Here in the joined States?" 31"No massive Killings Have ever Been stopped by someone Else through a Gun." 36"Regardless, if us Really desire to protect against Gun Massacres We have to Bring ago the attack Weapons Ban." 40"You are So out of Touch. Also the many Conservative Member the the supreme Court think We must Ban attack Weapons." 43"No Civilian needs a Military-Style Weapon." 46"Yeah, yet If You modify One, that Becomes fully Automatic." 49"I tho Don"t understand Why everyone Would require a Semi-Automatic in your Home." 50"I"ve Heard the You plan on beating the entire United States army with Your assault Rifle." 53"I"m happy You carried the 2nd Amendment increase Again. You have to Admit that It"s pretty Outdated." 57"Even if That"s True, anyone Agreed that the 2nd Amendment was Only around Militias." 62"Most weapons Kept in the home Are provided for Something other than Self-Defense." 67"Keeping a total at house Is meaningless Anyway." 70"Okay, yet that Doesn"t use to Women. They"re Still much more Likely to Be killed When There"s a gun in the Home." 72"Forty Percent the All firearms Are offered Without background Checks." 75"Gun reflects Are where Criminals gain All your Weapons." 79"Even a bulk of national Rifle association Members support Universal background Checks." 80"The NRA Is the Poster boy for poor Research." 83"The 2004 Report claimed We Need an ext Data and Research on Guns-and They"re Right, We need to recognize More." 85"More Guns method More Crime. Any type of Data to the contradictory Is a lie or NRA Propaganda." 87"The reason Nothing transforms Is that the NRA Buys turn off Politicians." 93"The NRA Is for this reason Crazy that They Actually want to arm Our Kids!" 97"Columbine Proves the Putting armed Guards in Schools simply Doesn"t Work." 98"College Students are Too Irresponsible to carry Guns." 100"The Police Support an ext Gun control Laws-You Should, Too." 103"We must Restrict Magazines come a best of Ten Rounds." 104"Don"t believe the pistol Nuts: Hitler Didn"t take Anyone"s weapons Away." 108Part 2 to win Hearts and MindsDenying the scientific research 129Stimulus/Response 134The Truth about (No) consequences 136Trained to kill 141Scapegoating and Excuses 147The method Forward 153Notes 163