Conan Exiles is a survival video game that was at first released in 2017. Recently, the game picked up Isle of Siptah growth which bring a vast brand-new island to explore.

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Further, the developers have actually been adding new stuff come the video game through general updates and also patches to store players glued come it.

But it seems that a recent update for Conan Exiles has left players on the PS4 unable to beat the co-op mode due to the fact that they aren’t able to manage their character.

We’ve common some reports from affected users listed below for reference.


So i play Conan top top PS4 v my friend and this is the first time we’ve played together because the update. I am able come play together me till he joins my world. When he joins i lose regulate of my body and my camera is grounding in one position. Like spectator mode yet I can not move. (Source)

ConanExiles phone call me you every know about the co-op glitch. If ns invite my friends and they sign up with on a personal co-op world, they instantly gain manage of my character. (Source)

When ever before I invite who to mine co-op game, your character doesn’t pack in and that player gets manage of mine character. My display is locked in place, and also if they relocate away I deserve to not view them. (Source)

Reports indigenous users imply that each time they invite a friend to a co-op game in Conan Exiles, the friend gets regulate over your character.

Needless come say, no having manage over her character in a video game is perhaps the many frustrating thing that can happen if gaming.

As highlighted earlier, this pest only appears to it is in affecting football player on the PS4 together there aren’t any comparable reports from Xbox and also PC players.

Fortunately, it appears the developers of the video game have no turned a blind eye come the issue. Responding to a user’s complaint on Twitter via the official Conan Exiles account, they shown that they’re functioning on a fix.


The pest was additionally acknowledged in the official community forums whereby the assistance has evidenced that they’re additionally working on some connectivity concerns that can have been introduced with the 2.3 update.


As usual, we’ll keep track of the situation and will write-up an update if and also when the fix for the co-op mode control an insect and connectivity problems go live for Conan Exiles.

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