A curated/researched repertoire of info of LGBTQ contents in digital gamings from 1980s-present

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Throughout the game, Mark deserve to date and also fall in love with 6 characters. Relying on the choice of the player, romancing every of these characters can result in sex and a happy ending:

Ian ManachevitzIan is among Mark’s roommate and best friend. He research studies zoology in ~ Orlin University and also wishes to go after graduate studies in Brazil to examine capuchin monkeys. Ian is a slacker college college student who hardly ever takes anything seriously. He has an on-again, off-again partnership with Zoe. Ian is confused around his sexuality: he has actually feelings because that Mark however keeps dating and hooking up with girls.Alex DaviesAlex is Mark’s anatomy professor. He is in the running for a tenure place at Orlin University. Although that likes teaching, he is not a huge fan the academia and its nasty politics. That is interested in Mark yet wants to keep things professional between them. Alex mentions the coming the end ranks among the most difficult things he has actually done in his life, in addition to giving a bathtub to his cat.Bradley Melnick (Brad)Brad plays together the quarterback in the Orlin Otters, the Orlin college football team, and also is plan to sign up with the NFL once he graduates. He is not very an excellent at school and risks shedding his scholarship due to his negative grades. Mark is hired as his English tutor. Brad hides his sexuality due to the fact that of his religious background and also his brother’s overprotective nature.Jed ZhouJed is Mark’s loud neighbor and the singer of the punk band The Dirty Loofahs. That is one anti-conformist and also believes the everyone should be themselves. The does not want to “sell out” the identity of his band for success. He has no difficulty being naked in public and having sex with strangers, i beg your pardon comes as a surprise to Mark.Philbert Healy (Phil)Phil is a naval who just came back from boot camp. He is right now in the infantry school and also is being taken into consideration for Recon program. He is really disciplined, a small nerdy, and he loves trivia quiz. Phil is Penny’s cousin. Coin tries to collection him up with Mark.AmosAmos is one “older animal leather bear”. He is romantic and loves poetry, great food, and classic films.

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He additionally likes wrestling and also teams increase with note to win against his previous boyfriend in a tag team match. Amos is usually considered an “Easter egg” character.

LGBTQ recommendations in this game: