Colin Cowherd has released his “Blazin’ 5 Picks” ahead of a packed Week 7 slate that NFL games.

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Colin Cowherd has made his picks and also predictions because that NFL mainly 7 action. These space his against the spread out picks.

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Colin’s “Blazin’ 5 Picks” kicks off with a fight between the 4-1 eco-friendly Bay Packers and also the disappointed 1-5 Houston Texans. Cowherd’s reasonable in taking the roadway team is quite simple: Aaron Rodgers’ squad to be flat-out embarrassed on nationwide TV 38-10 through Tom Brady’s Tampa just Buccaneers.

In five games this season, green Bay has turned the sphere over simply two times, both against the Bucs.

Green Bay’s explosive offense should feast top top a woeful Texans defense the finds itself close to at or close to the bottom in every significant category. Houston’s defense has allowed 424.0 yards per game (30th in the NFL), consisting of a league-worst 177.5 rushing yards every game. The opposite QBs have posted the second-highest passer rating (111.5) against the Texans this year, when Houston has also allowed 49 theatre of 20+ yards, the worst note in the NFL.

Prediction: Packers 40, Texans 23

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Pick #2: Pittsburgh (+2)

Cowherd’s 2nd pick comes down to a dominion he’s organized for a lengthy time, any time you deserve to take a good team with the points, you carry out it. In this case, the 5-0 Pittsburgh Steelers space on the road obtaining two points versus fellow 5-0 formation the Tennessee Titans.

Tennessee’s starting left handle Taylor Lewan is the end for this game. The Titans’ defense is last in the NFL on third down this season, because of a missing pass rush. Not acquiring off the ar on third down will prolong drives and also Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger is in the middle of the finest season the his future room of call career. Huge Ben’s completion portion (69.1%), TD-INT ratio (11-1) and passer rating (109.1) room career-highs.

Prediction: Steelers 28, Titans 23

Bounce back for eco-friendly Bay. To trust Seattle off a bye?
ColinCowherd unveils his mainly 7 Blazin' 5 picks:

— Herd w/Colin Cowherd (
TheHerd) October 23, 2020

Pick #3: Carolina
brand-new Orleans (-7.5)

Colin’s bucking the traditional view that bettors acquisition the team acquiring 7.5 points. Given the tight standings through Carolina start play at 3-3 and new Orleans up a half game at 3-2, bettors will need to buy into the reasonable to do some genuine money.

The Saints space 3-1 over their past 4 games coming turn off a bye week. Drew Brees is acquisition on a Panthers defense that has actually recorded a league-worst 5 sacks through 6 games, while Brees is perfect 71% that his happen attempts, third-best in the NFL.

This could likewise be a big game for Alvin Kamara, who 135.2 scrimmage yards per game and scrimmage TDs represent the best marks in the whole NFL. Kamara has additionally broken 18 tackles this season, tied because that the second-most in the league.

Ultimately, the Saints might have the biggest advantage of all: they spent the past two year practicing versus Teddy Bridgewater when he was a member of the new Orleans organization and also Sean Payton has had actually an extra week come implement a gameplan to mitigate his best attributes.

Prediction: Saints 30, Panthers 20

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Los Angeles Rams (-6)

Colin’s last pick of the week could be viewed as controversial as he’s acquisition the 4-2 Rams versus the 5-1 Bears.

The Bears have been quite the story this season, replacing previous #2 overall pick Mitch Trubisky through Super bowl MVP Nick Foles, speak the tide to the peak of the NFC North. The worry is that Foles has had at the very least one interception in five straight games, the longest streak in the NFL.

Chicago’s violation under Trubisky and also Foles has been one abject failure, racking up just 21.3 clues per game (27th in the NFL), 312.8 yards per video game (28th), 4.83 yards per play (28th), and also 90.0 rushing yards per video game (28th).

Cowherd believes the Rams’ defense is much better than the numbers indicate, having permitted fewer than 20 points in four of their six gamings this season.

A optimistic for LA’s offense: Jared Goff has the league’s greatest passer rating in the fourth quarter.

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Prediction: Los Angeles 28, Chicago 20

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