jamesmerse.comC is obtaining yet an additional super luxe dine-in thjamesmerse.com.

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CMX Cinébistro, opening on UES tonight, areas a heavy emphasis on that is upscale dining experience, wherein a myriad the dishes function high-end ingredients favor Wagyu beef and dashi cheddar cheese.

The six-floor thjamesmerse.com opening at 400 E. 62nd St., between very first and York Avenues, is fitted with six auditoriums and also a full-floor kitchen that will whip increase meals indigenous scratch, such as lobster cannoli, Moroccan lamb, and also Ōra King salmon.

It’s a full-service dining affair with a menu that sports appetizers, salads, entrees, and desserts, and also servers that take everyone’s stimulate 30 minutes before each movie showing. Unlike various other dine-in thjamesmerse.coms, here whatever is offered all in ~ once. Further ordering have to be excellent at concessions outside the theatre room to stop movie interruption.

Cinébistro — marketed by agency executives as a “restaurant that reflects movies” — has 45,500-square-feet the thjamesmerse.com room within a renovated structure that once organized the Clearview multiplex. The jamesmerse.comC clues is poised to become the brand’s flagship location, the firm says.

While the food selection dabbles with deluxe fare, the idea is not to contend with jamesmerse.comC’s fine-dining fixtures, claims CMX’s VP that Culinary breakthrough Isaac Stewart, who oversees food selection development across all locations.

But Stewart states it was necessary to develop a brand-new York-specific menu for this Cinébistro, through items choose the Wagyu beef sliders and short rib mac and also cheese made v dashi cheddar added to cater to a new York crowd.

Lobster cannoli CMX Cinébistro
short rib mac and also cheese CMX Cinébistro
The thjamesmerse.com also intends for high-end in the space, where huge lounge chairs that totally recline replace traditional thjamesmerse.com seating and come with storage compartments and USB ports for phone chargers. Swivel tables room attached come the arms of each chair, and also meals come all set on actual plates with genuine silverware. 2 bars are additionally in the building, wherein a robust cocktail menu is on offer, and beer and wine available by the glass or bottle.

But the thjamesmerse.com does take it it under a notch indigenous super-high-end challenger iPic thjamesmerse.coms in the south Street Seaport, whereby tickets encompass a pillow and blanket. (No pillow or blankets are readily available at Cinebistro’s UES spot.) and it doesn’t go together far as to theme the food offerings roughly each movie, as has actually been the situation at the Nighthawk Cinema. At Cinebistro, the luxury meals top top its menu are the true focus.

Cinébistro’s six auditoriums have actually 46 to 64 seats each, and also there room two per level within the building. CMX Cinemas, a wholly own subsidiary of Mexico’s Cinemex, is among the largest movie thjamesmerse.com chains in the U.S. The jamesmerse.comC outpost is that 37th site.

The flashy thjamesmerse.com opens up today through showings that Halloween, What castle Had, First Man, and also Beautiful Boy starting at 7 p.m., according to that website. Eventually, the will display five new releases and one independent film. Yes sir a 21+ plan after 6 p.m.

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Movie tickets are $20 indigenous Monday with Thursday and also $25 Friday through Sunday. Afternoon sessions throughout the week go for $17. Food prices selection from $12 because that a salad as much as $39 because that the lamb dish. Check out the complete food and also drink menus below.