The Freeman Branch Library supplies a vast mix of solutions to the community, including programs that serve all ages, from storytimes come ESL & Citizenship classes. In addition, Freeman is residence to two unique, totally free Makerspaces; the Jocelyn H. Lee development lab and the Jocelyn H. Lee Digital Media Lab.

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The Freeman Branch Library first opened on November 1, 1964, and was called in respect of Captain Theodore C. Freeman, the very first astronaut to shed his life in the U. S. An are program. The library moved to the Harris ar Multipurpose Annex top top July 13, 1976. The present 42,000 square foot joint facility the Harris County and the City that Houston opened up on June 8, 2004, and also was change the name the clear Lake City-County Freeman Branch Library. 

Thanks come a generous bequest, in February 2015 the Freeman Branch Library opened up the Jocelyn H. Lee creation Lab, a totally free community Makerspace where people of all eras can learn, re-publishing resources, work-related on projects and network v other an innovative minds.

CAC leader (Common access Card for U.S. Military)

Data Projector(s)

Digital Camera / video Recorder(s)

Digital video Converter(s)

DVD Player(s)

Floppy Disk to USB adapter

Kurzweil devices for the visually impaired v Scanner


LP/CD/Cassette Converter(s)

Microphone(s), experienced quality

Opaque projector(s)

Overhead projector(s)

Pharos computer Booking Station(s)


Print Station(s)


Self Check-Out Machine(s)


USB map Reader(s) (MicroSD, SD, etc.).

3D Printers

8mm/Super 8 Converter

Adobe creative Suite

Desktop CNC Mill

Digital video clip Converter

Drawing/Graphics Tablet

Dremel rotary Tool 

Dual Channel Oscilloscope

Green Screen

Laser Cutter/Engraver

LP/CD/Cassette Converter

Microphone, expert quality

Autodesk Fusion360

Soldering Irons

Variable DC power Supply

VHS/DVD Converter

Vinyl Cutter(s)

Heat Press

Citizenship Classes

Computer Classes

English Language salvation (ESL) Classes

Literacy solutions for Adults

Makerspace Orientation

Proctoring because that Distance learning Exams

Tours because that Schools and Other Groups

Children"s task Room

Community Bulletin Board(s)

Computer Lab

Conference Room(s)

Digital Media Lab

Glass display screen Case(s)

Internet Café


Meeting Room(s)


Quiet Room(s)

Study Room(s)

Teen Room

Vending area(s)

The friends of Freeman Library is a non-profit organization specialized to sustaining the clear Lake City-County Freeman Branch Library. The friend of Freeman operate a offered bookstore inside of the library and additionally online to assistance fundraising efforts. To join, volunteer or assistance the friend of Freeman Library visit lock in human at the library, digital at or contact (832) 927-5444.

Tests need to be booked at least 1 main in advance.

Call (832) 927-5420 for more information.

Mo 10:00 to be - 5:00 PMWe 10:00 am - 5:00 PMTh 1:00 afternoon - 5:00 PMFr 10:00 am - 5:00 PM

Students should follow every rules and regulations established by the learning institution. Students are also responsible for scheduling their test v the librarian and for checking the arrival standing of your test.

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Date opened: 1964

Square footage: 42,000

Staff: 33

Parking capacity: 223

Meeting room capacity: 70

Conference room capacity: 15

Children"s activity an are capacity: 40

Study space (1-5) capacity: 4

Public accessibility computers: 122

Holdings: 154,073

Yearly circulation: 653,064

Yearly visitors: 282,367

Yearly in-library programs: 1,418

Yearly program attendance: 33,587

Reference questions: 56,717


Hi, I"m Christina Thompson, Branch Manager at clean Lake City - ar Freeman Branch Library.I love to check out nonfiction, graphic novels and also children"s books. At Freeman, we enjoy connecting through our community and also there is a lot walking on here. We hope to watch you soon. If you have questions or comments, you re welcome feel cost-free to email or speak to 832-927-5420.