Language: Java, Expertise: beginning of the person - using error: course names or "YourClassName" is only accepted if annotation handling is clearly requested.

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by M S Sridhar
Feb 1, 2019


Using error: class names, "YourClassName", is only embraced if annotation handling is clearly requested.

There are likely instances the you have actually come throughout this error and found that very complicated to recognize what is happening.

Even proficient engineers confront such issues and are unable to move on. This sometimes happens when you space not using your principle for work.

The factor why this error occurs is really simple.

The reason is that you are trying to usage the javac command with a paper name without the java extension.

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For example:

javac YourClassName - This command will an outcome in the over error. By mistake, you have actually used javac come execute.Correct method of making use of the commands:

-----------------------------------------------------------javac - This is the correct means of utilizing this command come compile. Java YourClassName - This is the correct means of using this commad to execute.


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